The 20 Most Hated Professions: Is Yours on the List?


There are a lot of professions out there that are associated with kindness and empathy. There are an equal number of professions out there that are associated with people who are the antithesis of these qualities.

But what are they? Someone online asked, “Which profession attracts the worst kinds of people?” Let’s look at what some people had to say in response!

#1. Nursing

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Nursing may be surprising to see on this list, but people who go to college to become nurses often have a specific type of reputation.

Many consider nurses as the same people from high school who were considered “mean girls.”

Unfortunately, those types of people then go on to care for others in a very rude and unempathetic way because they’re getting their degree solely for the paycheck rather than to make a difference in the world.

It’s crucial to preface the other notes in this list by remembering that these are comments from others and that there are always good people in these professions.

However, there also seem to be more than a few rotten eggs in here!

#2. MLMs

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Multi-level marketers are problematic regardless of the people involved.

However, these organizations tend to have two types of bad people. The first is the MLM executives.

They’re the ones who prey on uneducated sellers who think they can start their own business while paying exorbitant prices for stock that’s either, at best, stuff that no one wants to buy and, at worst, stuff that’s actively harmful to others.

The second worst group in MLMs is those who fight to the top to develop downlines full of sellers.

They often make themselves out to be people who independently worked their butts off but instead tricked a bunch of people into buying into the company to support the top’s income and lavish lifestyle.

Of course, sellers can be bad too! Some of them tout various benefits of products that aren’t true and could cause long-term damage.

#3. Reality TV

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Reality TV is addictive for a reason: the people starring on these shows are often self-absorbed and misbehaved.

Reality TV tends to attract some of the worst of the worst, or reality TV may turn some people into the worst.

Sure, you do get a good person now and again. But if reality TV only had good people, would anyone take the time to watch it?

#4. Paparazzi

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The paparazzi are always part of controversy. From causing accidents to harassing people to get a good picture, there’s nothing the paparazzi won’t do to do their jobs.

More importantly, many don’t feel sorry or change their ways.

Instead, they continue to engage in terrible habits if it can help them get the best photographs and continue making good money by selling these photos to other publications.

#5. Architecture

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Architecture doesn’t necessarily attract the worst people, but some strange people tend to become architects.

Because architecture exists more in the art space, many people believe that they’re better or smarter than others because they’re in this field.

They may also have a very strange relationship with architecture, throwing in their two cents when not asked. You may even notice if you run into an architect or study architecture yourself!

#6. Hollywood Production

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Hollywood producers aren’t all bad, but it’s not hard to throw a stone and hit one who has been in the media lately.

Extreme wealth tends to do strange things to people. This is undoubtedly true for producers born from wealth and can continue to exercise significant power over the industry itself and the people who operate in that industry.

Some of the crimes are minor, but some are pretty severe. Overall, you never know who will out themselves as a terrible person!

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#7. Politics

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Politics is tricky, especially when we enact laws that affect other people’s lives.

What recent events have shown us is that many politicians will lie, seek out laws that suppress certain groups, and engage in other behaviors that are very unsavory and paint a different picture of how people who represent others act.

I’m sure that everyone has their opinions on politicians, so this viewpoint will vary based on political leaning and what is considered bad behavior.

#8. Law Enforcement

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Law enforcement has been getting a nasty rap recently, solely because of the people who tend to work in these positions.

On the least impactful end of the spectrum, you have incompetent people. They don’t have the proper training, they don’t take the time to improve, and they have a lot of poor behaviors that have carried over from their youth.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have malicious people who aim to do things that hurt others or benefit themselves. The issue is so big that it’s hard to avoid, no matter where you go.

#9. Influencers

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Many influencers don’t have a reputation for being good human beings, and it’s for obvious reasons.

Influencing is based on selling yourself to the world. It’s not about impact based on how much good you do or who you are.

It’s about getting the most views at whatever cost. Some influencers have gotten into trouble for going to extreme lengths to get the views they need to sustain their career.

Some have even hurt others (like prank influencers). But if people give these minor celebrities this attention, they will continue to abuse it.

#10. Music

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Music is a broad career path, so it’s important to note that we generally talk about egotistical musicians when discussing bad people in specific roles.

There are a lot of people who believe they’re better than others simply because they have a fraction of the talent.

You may even have a famous musician you dislike for these exact reasons. While we elevate them above everyday people, these professionals are still people at the end of the day.

#11. Stockbrokers

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Finance tends to bring out the worst in people. You may even think about a specific type of person when you hear that someone operates within the finance space, like a stockbroker.

They may have more money than others and flaunt it, act arrogant because of their knowledge and wealth, and engage in sleazy tactics to get more money from their position.

That’s precisely why they have the reputation they do!

#12. The Military

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The military is much like law enforcement in that there aren’t strict standards for who can join and make a career out of it.

As such, some in the military are quite immature, believe that their title affords them respect even when they aren’t respectful or respectable and will wield their power to do bad things just because they can.

#13. Recruiting

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Recruiters have a bad reputation. If you’ve ever been looking for a job, you’ve likely encountered one.

A recruiter’s main job is to get bodies into positions. They don’t often look over your resume.

They may be unwilling to work with you even after reaching out because they have strange standards, and they may not respect your time while demanding an insane amount of respect in return.

If you are going to apply for a job, it’s better to go directly to the hiring manager of that specific company instead.

#14. Sales

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Like stockbrokers, salespeople can have big egos and act quite arrogant.

While some salespeople have to follow company guidelines, others working for shadier companies might be able to employ tactics or make promises that aren’t true.

For some, sales is a game where they must be the best and make the most at any cost necessary.

Now that’s not someone you want to work alongside or have calling to get you to buy something.

#15. Tow Truck Driving

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Tow truck driving is quite a surprise to see on this list, but a few people agree with this one.

Tow truck drivers have a reputation for not being very nice or even being people with a past criminal record who may not always do everything by the book.

The last thing you want is someone rude to you driving away with your car, especially if they aren’t being careful or care about whether or not your car gets somewhere in one piece.

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#16. Certain Types of Psychology

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Psychology is a field that requires extensive education. As such, the bulk of people who decide to become a psychologist does care about the well-being of others.

The problem? The job can turn some people in this position into people worse than you’d want them to be.

This can be due to low pay (for some positions), working in a job with a high risk for physical altercations, or even being burnt out from working so long and with so many clients.

Some people who aren’t so great need a break from time to time!

#17. Chefs

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Like any other art, the culinary arts turn a fair share of people into individuals you generally wish to avoid.

Whether they’re rude and stuck-up or working in a position because it’s the only one they’re capable of landing, there are many reasons why chefs and similar positions have a terrible reputation.

For example, think of all the horror stories of people sending something back and getting a dish that has been changed in some way to mess with the customer.

#18. Academia

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Academia is known for churning out bad and good people alike.

Some people remain level-headed and treat everyone the same throughout their careers. Other people believe they’re more educated than others and scoff at people who are not at their level or who make mistakes.

These will sometimes make worst educators you’ve encountered if you’ve completed any degree program.

Those with an ego and a superiority complex tend to go after more highly coveted positions to validate the belief that they’re superior.

#19. Real Estate

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Buying a home is either a great or a terrible experience. This is entirely dependent upon the person selling the home.

When the goal is to get the keys into someone’s hands, bad realtors will take shortcuts to get their hands on the next paycheck. Beware of people in this field; always do your due diligence to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of.

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#20. Human Resources

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Human resources are rarely there to defend employees. Human resources are there to defend the company.

This is why there are so many jokes about HR people being soulless. Like many other managerial positions, the bad people who end up here may be the way they are because they’re able to exercise some power over the careers of others.

Others may just be unpleasant regardless of where they are and seek to make the lives of employees who work at a company harder.

Nevertheless, many people don’t like their fellow peers working in HR.

This article was inspired by the thread found here.

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