The Cultural Conspiracy: 10 Scams People Deny, But Shouldn’t


Is it possible that the world is filled with deception and double standards?

We’re exposed to an array of commercials, trends, and practices meant to manipulate our thoughts, feelings, or habits.

For every claim made by a marketer about their product you have to question, what ‘s the truth behind this story?

From artificial sweeteners in packaged foods to big tech’s dominance over our lives, we seem unaware of many of these scams.

Even when there are scientific studies validating how dangerous certain behaviors can be, people still deny them.

In this article, I’m revealing 10 cultural cons that we should all pay attention to but are often dismissed as nonsense entertainment instead.

1. The Lottery: State-Sponsored Gambling for the Poor

Woman gambling
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The lottery has been around for long enough to pass as the norm.

However, as someone aptly describes, it’s just state-sponsored gambling for low-income people. The irony is that folks who can least afford it spend the most on it. 

2. The Mystery of the Unchanged Property Rates

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Inflation is inevitable, but some price increases sometimes make no sense.

For example, as someone points out, it is ridiculous that rent increases due to “market value” when the property rates stay the same!

3. The Unaffordable Health Care Dilemma

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The insurance system is made extremely difficult to navigate. The profit-maximization approach of the insurance industry makes healthcare unaffordable.

As someone states, emergency rooms fill up, and rates are increased further to subsidize those who can’t afford the treatment. Plus, seeing an affordable family doctor without insurance is virtually impossible. What do you think? Did the internet get this right, or do you have something to add to this list?

4. Diamonds: The Price of Love and a Limb

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Numerous folks complain about the ridiculous cost of diamonds and, ultimately, engagement rings. A ring must cost an arm and a leg, or it needs to be better.

The diamond ring tradition is young, yet it has become a prevalent cultural norm. But hey, at least the diamond industry is booming!

5. Life in the Rat Race

Office worker overworked
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All work, no play – this is the motto of today’s world. Many forum members highlight how it has been normalized to waste most of life working.

You start from the age of 18 and stop when you are 65. And before you know it, all of your life has gone by without you having time for yourself.

6. Homeopathy: The Placebo Effect or Filler Tablets?

Woman with water taking medicine
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Homeopathy is surprisingly popular for a remedy that is just a placebo. Someone calls the homeopathy medication “filler tablets.”

However, a second user responds by saying that continuing with homeopathy is no harm if the placebo effect is working. However, one shouldn’t forsake medical treatment when relying on homeopathy. 

7. Donating to the Rich and Famous: A Cautionary Tale

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Donations are an excellent way of giving back to society. However, you must always be mindful of to who you donate money.

As one user mentions, you better avoid expecting influential figures with private jets to use the donation money well.

8. College Tuition: Paying to Make Money

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Getting a college education is a point of contention for many. While some degrees are beneficial, many are not.

Plus, as one person points out, it is absurd that you have to spend an insane amount of money on college tuition before you can even make money. 

9. Lavish Nuptials for One Day

Bride and groom dancing at wedding reception outside in the backyard.
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Imagine getting married to your significant other is the only way to validate your relationship. What’s worse is the social expectation to throw a lavish wedding.

Numerous people express their discontent with expensive weddings. It makes little sense to celebrate marriage in such a luxurious way for just one day and for the entertainment of others.

10. MLM: Multi-Level Menace

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Multi-level marketing schemes are popular scams that can even get the best of us. One person shares how they were contacted by someone on LinkedIn who wanted to discuss a side hustle opportunity.

After questioning it, the MLM representative asked questions about distrusting the information via Google. Unfortunately, many MLM schemes are centered around preying on vulnerable individuals.

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