The Next Big Thing: 10 Private Companies Everyone Wants to Invest In


Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could invest in your favorite company, only to find out they are privately held? Many others feel the same way.

In a popular Internet forum, a member asked an interesting question. What privately held companies would you be most interested in buying stock in if they ever did an IPO? Here are the top answers.

1. Cookie!

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One of the very first suggestions came from the originator of the thread. They were very interested in this company and stated, “Crumbl Cookie is a top-tier restaurant/food service establishment with an almost cult-like following and always busy. It has excellent products and services.

I would be curious to see the books from the company, but I imagine it would be a home run if they were to IPO. What other companies would you invest in that are not publicly traded?”

2. Where There’s Always A Line At The Drive Thru

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As restaurants go, only a few are as popular as the next suggestion. One person was gung ho and said, “Chick-fil-A. Never seen one without a line out of the drive-thru and down the road, And the line stays moving. That’s what’s insane. People see a line out the door anywhere else and leave because it’s a 30-minute wait.”

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3. A Great Grocery Store

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More companies with food are on this list than any other company, and the next one is no different. Grocery store Wegman’s is a most wanted IPO. A Wegman’s fan said, The first time I walked into a Wegman’s, many, many years ago, 2005 maybe, I was so impressed that I went home and looked them up on the internet, thinking I’d buy stock in them and saw they were private.”

A different person opined, “As someone coming from an area without Wegman’s to spending some time where it all got started, it’s certainly a well-run establishment. People generally enjoy it there and enjoy working there. They blow everyone else out of the water.”

4. Everyone Loves Lego

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They are the world’s largest and most valuable toy company and have the kids’ toys market cornered by market share. Combine all of the top 15 toy manufacturing companies worldwide, and it’s not even half of Lego’s market share.

Simply put, they have a solid, impenetrable monopoly over brick toys, with millions and millions of loyal hardcore fans eager to spend their monthly wages on them.

Imagine all of those kids growing up playing Lego and the adults, with disposable income, who used to play with Lego also get back into Lego. It’s insane how much-grown adults are willing to spend on plastic bricks.

5. What Is The Answer?

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A very confident commenter said, “Cargill is the top answer. They’re the largest private company in the world. They make all your food for other companies. Cargill is well-positioned in many markets, sectors, and industries around the globe.”

6. Another Grocery Company On The List

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The next one on this list is two grocery chains owned by two branches of the same taciturn German company. As an individual noted, “Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. The Nord split owns Trader Joe’s, while Süd owns the Aldi shops in the USA.

Then there’s also a cultural thing on why so many German companies are private, which I fail to understand fully, and the Aldi family is also highly secretive.”

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7. What Is A Hamburger All About?

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In-N-Out is a legitimate phenomenon even with its minimal menu. An In-N-Out superfan said, “Their food quality and service are consistent and excellent for the price! I would hate for them to go public because the focus on shareholder returns ruins good products.”

8. More Companies From Germany

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BOSCH Global was founded in 1886 and is still going strong. It’s a German engineering and technology company that is multinational in its business.

A contributor didn’t hesitate to state their desire to buy into BOSCH and stated, “Nearly every critical component in your car is from BOSCH. So yeah, I have to agree.” when responding to a fellow poster who suggested BOSCH too.

9. Clean Bathrooms, Ahoy!

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This idea is slightly off the beaten path, but several users supported this potential IPO. This individual spelled out the lure of this travel center/gas station/store by exclaiming, “Buc-cees! Bucce’s bathrooms are a solid A.”

Another responded, “I visited the one in TX for gas and went into the one in Florida, and wow, was it bustling!”

10. The Wawa Love Is Real

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This convenience store and gas station have many devotees. While some insist that Wawa may have a different quality, there is still a solid support base for the brand, especially an IPO.

One Wawa lover said, “I remember the good old Wawa days when I was a poor college kid. Wawa was a Godsend back then for late-night snacks or food.

I have to say that Wawa’s quality dropped off drastically since then, resembling ‘slop and mush,’ and their hoagies are so sucky lately. My opinions aside, investing in is probably not bad if you never knew the ‘old Wawa quality.’”

Another said, “Came here for this. They can cover operating expenses almost exclusively from daily coffee sales.”

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