The Secret Spending Habits: The 11 Guilty Pleasures Women Are Secretly Splurging On


As women, we have amazing purchasing power and can direct that power toward issues we care about. 

But do we know where our money is going? 

From tampons to makeup to clothing, women’s purchases reveal a lot about our values and priorities. 

In this article, we will reveal eleven real expenditures made by women that highlight the importance of using our purchasing power in a conscious way.

1. Traveling

Woman traveling
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For many, traveling the world is the ultimate signifier of feeling rich — even if you aren’t traditionally wealthy.

“Being able to travel and experience new cultures, traditions, and nature makes me feel rich in many ways — even if I stay in a hostel and share a room with ten people!” exclaims one excited traveler.

2. Having a Metal Credit Card

Woman with credit card
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Let’s be honest: Is anything more satisfying than placing your metal credit card on the counter at a store and hearing that incredible “clunk” sound?

That’s the sound of success! In 2023, the metal credit card — popularized by the Chase Sapphire card, Amazon Prime card, and American Express gold card — became a status symbol for millions of women. 

3. Weekly Grocery Store Trips

Woman purchasing grocery
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For women who grew up without money, weekly scheduled trips to the supermarket genuinely feel like they’ve finally won the lottery.

“I feel rich when I make weekly grocery shopping at normal times — not before the store closes so we get a good sale for average quality, and not looking at prices in the grocery store or having a list,” reveals one woman.

4. Bills Being Paid Automatically

Woman with mobile surprised
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Here’s a sign you are rich — or at least feel rich: All your bills are paid monthly via autopay.

When you know you’ll always have enough money in your account to pay your bills, the piece of mind that accompanies that fact is immensely satisfying.

5. Wearing Expensive Perfume

Woman purchasing perfume
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Owning at least one high-end luxury item makes women feel rich, whether they purchase a designer handbag or expensive perfume.

“Knowing you own something from Versace or Gucci is a nice feeling,” explains one woman. “I can’t buy anything else from those stores, though.”

6. Being Able to Cover Unexpected Expenses

Woman with money
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Emergencies happen, and having a sufficiently-stocked emergency fund can mean the difference between your financial situation being stable and going into considerable debt.

Many women confess being able to cover these unforeseen events makes them feel rich in more ways than one.  

7. Having a Full Pantry

Woman in kitchen pantry
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For countless people, growing up poor meant always being hungry and scouring for food in near-empty pantries, cupboards, and refrigerators.

One of the most common revelations of feeling rich is looking at the food available in the kitchen — women (and men, for that matter) equate plenty of food with plenty of success!

8. Not Checking Your Bank Account Before Making a Purchase

Woman purchasing
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Whether it’s because some people grew up poor or weren’t responsible with money at a young age, many women confess that not checking their bank accounts before buying something is the ultimate feeling of being rich.

I don’t blame them — it signifies confidence, stress-free living, and success. 

9. Monthly Manicures and Pedicures

Woman doing pedicure
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Taking care of your hands and feet is at the forefront of many women’s minds, and being able to schedule treatments monthly is a total game-changer!

“Being able to get my nails done every month is something that blows my mind,” confesses one woman. “It might be stupid, but it was an unattainable luxury for me.”

10. Having a High Credit Score

Woman using credit card for purchase
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There’s usually a correlation between financial independence and a high credit score.

For women who have both, nothing is more satisfying than checking their credit score and seeing that it’s sky-high.

I don’t know what feels better — seeing it slowly inch up month after month or checking it daily to ensure it’s still at a stratospheric level. 

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