The Surprising Luxuries: 13 Things Poor People Thought Were Only for the Rich


A long-held belief is that to live in luxury, one must have money.

But what if you could experience a taste of the finer things in life without breaking the bank?

Many poor people often ascribe luxuries to those who are well off financially, and at times feel excluded from participating as such.

Keep reading for 13 surprising luxuries that poor people can still enjoy, proving that it’s not all about having deep pockets!

1. Owning a House

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Growing up, many poor kids thought that everyone who owned a home as rich.

They didn’t realize that different homes cost a different amount based on size and location.

2. Having Fresh Vegetables

box of fresh vegetables

Since canned vegetables were cheaper, many growing up without money thought that buying fresh vegetables were a clear sign of wealth.

The reality is that they aren’t that much more expensive when you take into account serving sizes.

3. Wanderlust Woes

Woman traveling
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Many say traveling or vacations, in general, was a rich thing to them.

They would hear stories from friends or see pictures of exotic destinations, but they always felt it was an unattainable dream.

The idea of exploring new places and creating lasting memories was associated with wealth.

4. Dishwasher

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Growing up, many people noted that they thought others who had a dishwasher were rich.

They didn’t realize how common having the kitchen appliance was.

5. Trash to Tunes

Woman with guitar
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One narrates their story of finding a broken guitar in someone’s garbage at age three.

After playing with it as much as they could, they wanted a new one but thought it was just a rich people thing.

Fast forward to now; at 34, they play it, and it’s pretty fun!

6. Chilling Confessions

Man in car
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Running the air conditioning in the car was a big no-no for one individual.

Her mom always said it burned gas, a luxury they couldn’t afford. So during scorching summers, they would roll down the windows and endure the heat. 

7. Posh Pedicures

Woman doing pedicure
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Growing up, the idea of going to a nail salon seemed like something only the wealthy could afford, mentions one user.

The thought of having someone pamper your feet and paint your nails in beautiful colors was a distant dream!

8. Dental Dilemmas

Woman at dentist
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Going to the dentist when there’s nothing wrong? Seemed like a crazy idea to many forum members.

Dental visits were reserved for emergencies or unbearable toothaches. 

9. Vet Ventures

Vet doctor
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One admits to growing up “REALLY poor.” As a kid, the idea of taking an animal to a particular doctor was a shock to them. Seeing their neighbors take their dog to the vet had them thinking, “I didn’t know they were that rich!” 

10. Grocery Galore

Woman with grocery and coupon
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Buying groceries without checking specials or clipping coupons? Are you serious?

That was something one member mentions, never considering as a possibility.

Every penny counted, so their family diligently checked for discounts and coupons in newspapers and compared them at different stores.

11. Laundry Luxury

Woman using washing machine
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One user recalls she didn’t dare to dream about owning a washer and dryer.

Her grandmother and her would spend hours doing laundry, wringing the clothes, and hanging them on a clothesline. It was a time-consuming and physically taxing task.

The convenience of those tools seemed like an unattainable luxury.

12. Delightful Revelation

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For one, certain foods were thought to be available only during Christmas.

So when they went shopping for the first time and stumbled upon smoked oysters in June, they were genuinely surprised.

Browsing the aisles, they discovered so many things that they had only experienced once a year.

13. Beyond the Main Course

Woman eating at restaurant
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Buying appetizers and desserts at restaurants was like stepping into a whole new world for some.

Dining out was a rare treat, and when it happened, ordering anything beyond the main course seemed extravagant. 

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