These 13 Raw Perspectives on the Happiness Wealth Brings Might Surprise You


Are you looking for greater insight into the link between wealth and happiness? 

We live in a world where money can seem to buy everything, so it’s natural to wonder if it also holds the key to true contentment. 

But what do those who’ve experienced both sides have to say? 

To help answer this timeless question, we’ve rounded up 13 raw perspectives on the joy that financial security can bring. 

Now, check out these thought-provoking musings that challenge traditional notions and offer unexpected insights into our pursuit of fulfillment.

1. Who Needs the Stress?

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The money-equals-more-problems thread continues, with another contributor confirming that chasing more money may bring stability.

One poster thinks people dream of financial freedom, “but that’s actually not at all how it works. You just end up with more bills and worrying all the same.”

2. It Can But Only to a Point

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Some people admit that money can buy happiness, but only to a certain extent.

If you are in poverty, having money to get to the middle class will bring with it some happiness.

But once you are financially comfortable, the impact of having more money does not equal the same amount of happiness.

3. Money Makes You a Target

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“Get to a certain age or have children, and suddenly it’s a game of defense against the vultures,” says a seasoned human. “Even worse when your mind goes.”

Anyone who has seen the Rosamund Pike movie I Care a Lot will see the dangers of being rich and growing old. She plays an independent pensioner assessment specialist who uses skewered state mental health laws to rob older people of their retirements.

4. Define Happiness

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One youngster feels that money is the root of happiness. “It might be a lot, but yeah, lots of money easily buy happiness by removing all major stressors and enabling any activity.”

I would challenge this hypothesis. Having money too young is dangerous, especially if it comes quickly and without any financial literacy.

5. Stability Negates Stress

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Nobody loves what money does to certain people, but boy, does it help with lowering stress levels.

“It might not buy true happiness,” proclaims our first poster, “but it can make me less stressed out and feel calmer, so I can enjoy that which brings me happiness.”

6. Keeping The Wolf From The Door

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This observer feels that although happiness comes from within, money makes a great wingman.

“It can’t buy happiness, but it sure as heck can buy away some unhappiness,” claims the poster. “This is the right answer,” another person affirms. “In order to be truly happy, you should not be stressed out.”

7. Mo Money, Mo Problems

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“I have more money than I ever thought I would, and I’m more stressed than ever,” asserts someone with an honest perspective.

However, there is no shortage of helpers willing to contribute. “I’ll send you my PayPal,” jokes a commenter. “You can send some stress my way. I’ll help you ease that burden.”

8. Guilt-Free Spontaneity

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Another perspective is the freedom financial stability brings.

One commenter says, “Being able to make spur-of-the-moment decisions without thinking about the financial implications would definitely be a plus.” Note the “would” in this statement; we do not all have fiscal liberty.

9. An Ice-Breaking Utility

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This commenter hits the nail on the proverbial head. They say money cannot translate to joy and doesn’t directly buy happiness. It just removes the obstacles to reach it.”

That is a great way to see money’s value. It is like a nuclear icebreaker ship.

10. Money Can’t Replace Limbs

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“As a disabled person in a wheelchair, money can’t buy happiness,” asserts our next observer, “but it can open opportunities and extend my life — so yes and no.”

I love this perspective. While some of us fret about being rich, we forget that we are already endowed with a fully-functioning body.

11. Opportunity

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Others point out that money doesn’t buy happiness but rather opportunity.

When you have money, you have more opportunities in life.

You have the chance to take nicer vacations, buy a larger house, switch careers, and more.

The by-product of these opportunities is more happiness.

12. Maybe Not Happiness, But Comfort

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The first thing to consider is that money can bring comfort and stability.

Having financial security can help us sleep better at night, feel more secure in our future plans and reduce stress levels associated with bills.

It’s also important to realize that wealth gives us the ability to accommodate ourselves and those we care about in terms of medical needs, vacations, education, etc.

13. Lottery Winners Nod Their Heads

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How many stories have we heard about lottery winners burning through their winnings in record time?

Moreover, tragedies involving child stars and young musicians cannot be ignored. “A sudden windfall that happens to the wrong person could be catastrophic,” agrees a sensible commenter.

So, what are your thoughts? Can just enough money make you happy? Or is happiness only defined by the people and things in your life?

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