These Discontinued Products Were So Good, People Still Talk About Them Today


Nothing lasts forever, and this is especially true regarding the various products we purchase throughout our lifetime. 

Some evolve as time passes, whereas other products are discontinued and never seen again. 

Of course, there are so many of these products that looking back on our favorite things isn’t always simple. 

Someone asked, “What was discontinued, but you miss like hell and you wish came back?”. 

Here are some responses that might take you on a trip down memory lane. 

#1. $1 Menus (and Other Extremely Affordable Fast Food Menu Items)

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When inflation hits, it hits hard, and it’s often most noticeable in the places where we seem to save the most money. 

One person lamented the discontinuation of dollar menus. 

While you still can land a good promotional deal here and there, it’s hard to get quality meal items for just $1. 

Of course, that’s even more recent. Some people were talking about how, back in the 90s, they could get a burger for around just $0.39 to $0.49. 

Imagine how much buying power you would have with your money now if those menu items were still available at that price!

#2. Altoids Sours

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Arguably one of the most noticeable discontinued items is candy. 

There are a lot of candy companies out there, and many are willing to adventure beyond the candies that make them famous to bring an entirely new experience to the table. 

While plenty of honorable mentions might come to mind, one that pops up a lot is Altoids Sours. 

Altoids is a well-known company for producing mints, but they had their sour candies in the early 2000s. 

The company says they had to discontinue them due to low sales, but you wouldn’t guess it when you see how many people talk about wanting these candies back. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’ll be making a comeback anytime soon. 

However, some people are recreating similar sour candies, whether in love with sour cherry, tangerine, or even raspberry Altoid Sours. 

#3. Quality Clothing Levi’s Jeans

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Quite a few clothing companies have managed to withstand the test of time and remain a staple in many wardrobes. 

One such company is Levi. Levi is known for their high-quality (and often expensive) denim jeans. 

However, not all would agree that Levi’s jeans are what they used to be. 

Some might say that many high-quality pants were discontinued as the company introduced new, lower-quality jeans to save the company cash throughout the manufacturing process. 

If you agree, you can still get your hands on the pants that you used to love. 

However, it can cost you a pretty penny. Vintage Levi jeans can start as low as $300!

#4. Jell-O Brand Pudding Pops

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Most people know Jell-O for their pudding pops and, well, jello. 

But like other companies on this list, they weren’t afraid to shake things up now and then and bring something new into the fold. 

One product that many people miss is Jell-O brand pudding pops. 

These frosty dessert items packed all the deliciousness of jello into a popsicle. 

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t last forever, and these products are no longer on shelves. 

You can make your own version of these treats at home, but most would agree it’s not the same. 

#5. Choco Tacos

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Not all discontinued items are from back in the day. 

An excellent example of a more recent discontinued product is Choco Tacos. 

Klondike’s announcement that they were officially discontinuing Choco Tacos, an ice cream dessert with a waffle-cone, taco-shaped shell filled with ice cream and dipped in chocolate, sent the internet into a tizzy. 

People scrambled to get these delicious dessert items before they were officially dead. 

The good news? The massive demand that Klondike saw in response to their cancelation announcement led them to say that they would bring the Choco Taco back. 

However, that idea is still on ice until they determine a return date. 

#6. The Miiverse (and Wii in General)

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The video game industry is constantly experiencing some form of innovation. 

Those who used to play consoles like Atari can attest to how different video games were back in the day compared to the hyperrealistic titles of the modern age. 

Still, some consoles stand out even throughout the years. One such console is the Wii. 

This Nintendo console was the first to introduce movement to the mix, leveraging a sensor and remotes to get people up and moving around as they engaged with their favorite titles. 

Some people miss the Miiverse, some people miss specific items, but many people miss the age of the Wii. 

#7. Vine

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Most everyone knows about TikTok, but its predecessor is one of the more fondly remembered social media platforms. I’m, of course, talking about Vine. 

Vine allowed users to create seven-second videos, ranging from silly to completely outrageous. 

It was one of the biggest drivers of influencers back in the day, and there wasn’t as much controversy surrounding Vine as TikTok. 

People wish they could bring it back, but would it even be the same if it did come back? 

#8. Grass Perfume From The Gap

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The fashion industry is not immune from silly ideas, but some work out. 

One product many miss is Grass by Gap, a perfume in the early 90s. 

You may wonder, “But wait… Don’t they still sell this in stores?” 

If you do conduct a quick Google search, you’ll find that there is a 2020 version. 

However, this version is different from the release in the 90s. 

This version is a little woodsy and earthy compared to the original, which was much softer and had a wide range of notes that people adored. 

You may still be able to find sellers online, but the price would be astronomical to obtain it. 

#9. Snacks With Trans Fats

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It’s critical to preface this by saying that artificial trans fats are bad. 

Their ban was good as it would be the driving cause of one in five heart attacks annually and around 50,000 deaths. 

That said, some people complain that junk food isn’t the same without it. 

Some say the ban left junk food still just as bad for you but nowhere near as tasty as it was when you include trans fats in them. What do you think?

#10. Blockbuster

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It’s only fitting to save the best for last. 

Blockbuster was a staple for many movie fans throughout the 90s and 2000s. 

Of course, with the advent of streaming, physical videos, in general, have been largely phased out. 

For many, Blockbuster was more than a place to rent a movie. It was an experience. 

It was something to look forward to and a place to get all their movie essentials. 

The last Blockbuster is still open in Bend, Oregon, but it’s highly unlikely that Blockbuster will make a comeback anytime soon. 

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