Tired of Being Mocked, Boomers School Gen Z on These 16 Essential Life Lessons


Are you a Baby Boomer who feels like you’re being mocked by Gen Z? No worries! 

Despite the generational gap and our differences, there are so many life lessons that need to be shared from one generation to the next. 

Even though Gen Z might act like they know it all, Boomers have a lot to teach them, and we don’t have to be condescending about it!

Today, let’s explore 16 essential life lessons that we Boomers can pass on to Generation Z for their growth and improvement. 

So get ready to learn something new today because no matter our age or anything else, knowledge is power!

1. It’s Not About Success, It’s About How You Handle Failure

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It’s natural to admire and focus solely on those who have achieved success. 

However, setbacks and failures are an inevitable part of life. 

No one goes through life without making mistakes or facing challenges. 

That’s why, as Boomers, it’s important for us to also teach Generation Z how to handle failure and setbacks constructively.

2. Stop And Smell The Roses

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

Take a break from time to time, appreciate the beauty around you, and enjoy simple pleasures.

This can help to ground you and remind yourself that there is still beauty left in this world no matter how challenging life gets.

It’s a great way to renew and refresh yourself so that you’re better able to face the challenges life throws at you.

3. If You Need Therapy, Get Therapy

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“If there was abuse in your childhood of any kind and no one helped, get help now. If you can’t afford therapy, use online resources, they’re not the best, but they are still helpful. Don’t have your own children until you’re sure you won’t repeat the cycle.”

4. Relationships Should Be Fun

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According to boomers, relationships marked by stress, arguments, and conflicting interests aren’t worth having!

Instead, all connections should be fun, from friendships to committed romantic relationships. The sooner the younger generation realizes this, the better off they will be. 

5. Inheritance is Not a Retirement Plan

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Your parents might be well off, but you should not count on the money they leave you to be your safety net.

They may choose to spend the money or give it to charity instead.

Worse, they may lose it in the stock market or a health setback can wipe everything out.

The bottom line is, you need to take care of yourself and anything you do get should be see as a bonus.

6. Stay Off Social Media

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Boomers lived happily and healthily long before social media descended upon an unsuspecting public, so they know a thing or two about the dangers of it.

Their advice is straightforward: Stay off social media. They didn’t need it — and you don’t, either. 

7. Life Isn’t About Being the Most Productive Person

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Life isn’t about who can be the most successful in your career or how much money you can make.

In actuality, it’s all about balance and staying true to yourself. “Find interesting hobbies that make you feel good and are good for you,” advises one man.

“Your soul deserves to experience some of your own dreams — don’t waste all your time working towards the dreams of your company’s owners.”

8. Pick Your Battles

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Not everything is worth arguing over, especially regarding online discussions.

Boomers advise that younger generations need to learn to pick their battles, as the benefits to mental health are immense; who wants to fall into a pit of toxicity, anyway?

9. Protect Your Ears

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Millions of young people take hearing for granted, and boomers are pleading for these kids to protect their ears early and often!

So, take it from the people who know: Dealing with subpar hearing later in life isn’t worth the countless festivals, concerts, and live music events millennials and Gen-Zers love attending.

10. Bad Times Will Pass

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Life throws us all curveballs now and then and it can be easy to let negativity and doubt set in when thinks don’t work out like we hoped.

But life is fast and before you know it, your fortunes will change again, maybe this time for the better.

So learn what happened when things went wrong but don’t let those moments define your life.

11. Nobody Remembers Your Embarrassing Moments

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Although the current generation believes the world revolves around them, nothing could be further from the truth.

“Nobody else ever thinks about the things you did that you think was embarrassing or cringeworthy,” explains one boomer.

“You are not important to them. You are the only one who remembers those moments; you shouldn’t let them define you.”

In other words: Stop beating yourself over things that happened in the past. 

12. Take Care of Your Body in General

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Whether exercising regularly, staying up-to-date with doctor’s appointments, or simply eating healthy and nutritious meals, prioritizing your health will enrich your life, period!

Boomers may not want to admit it, but they’d love it if future generations had the most extended lifespan of any generation yet. 

13. Wear Sunscreen

Woman using sunscreen
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Existing as arguably the most practical advice on this list, remembering to wear plenty of sunscreens is something all boomers want younger generations to know.

The boomer generation is proof of the ailments and skin diseases that men and women can contract if they don’t take the necessary steps to protect their bodies from the sun!

14. Learn New Skills

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Don’t give up when you’re attempting to learn new skills.

Many boomers reveal they have seen many dreams die due to a lack of determination. “Every skill takes determined practice to master,” says one woman.

“I see my young friends and relatives try and give up on so many things because ‘they weren’t very good at it.’ You’ll never be good at anything if you keep doing that.”

15. Make Note of What Makes You Happy

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We have a lot of things competing for our attention and our money.

It can be very easy to get confused, thinking the new car or latest gadget will bring us happiness.

A better option is to actually know what makes you happy, and focus your time, attention, and money on doing these things as often as possible.

16. Be a Good Employee, But Don’t Allow Work to Control You

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It’s important to work hard and show your manager and company you deserve a job and a raise.

But no one will remember you the day after you pass.

They will have your job posted looking for someone to replace you.

As such, don’t make your life revolve around work.

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