Trend Overload: 15 Annoying Fads That Seriously Need to End


In the age of memes and modern media, it can be hard to keep up with all the trends that pop up.

Some of these trends have become so annoying they need to go away ASAP!

From recording every aspect of our lives to public grieving, there are a few too many things we’re seeing today that need some limitations.

Get ready for an honest critique of what needs to change in the world.

Here’s a look at some of the most annoying trends right now!

#1. Posting Your Kids Lives On Social Media

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As parents, it’s normal to want to share every moment of our child’s life with the world. But in recent years, this desire has gone to the extreme.

From the first ultrasound picture to their first steps and beyond, we can’t help but document every milestone on social media.

While the intentions may be pure, the constant flood of pictures and updates can become overwhelming and borderline unbearable for our friends and followers.

Some may argue that it’s a way to keep family and friends updated on their child’s life, but let’s be honest, nobody needs to see thirty pictures of your toddler eating spaghetti.

Plus, the constant need for validation through likes and comments can create a dangerous dependency on social media for both the parent and the child.

So, take a step back, put down the phone, and enjoy those precious moments with your child without the need to broadcast them to the world.

Trust me, your followers will thank you.

#2. Public Grieving

Photo Credit: AndrewLozovyi via Deposit Photos.

It seems we cannot go a day without seeing endless social media posts of individuals mourning for people they have never met.

While it’s important to honor those who have passed on, we’ve reached a point where it’s become a form of public performance.

It’s annoying because it often comes across as overly dramatic and insincere.

Rather than being a genuine expression of emotion, it feels like people are trying to outdo each other in terms of sadness.

It’s time for us to stop using grief to gain attention and focus on authentic connections with those around us.

As one person commented, “I honestly found it disturbing. It was like his death was just another trend that people on social media needed to post about.”

#3. Family Vloggers

Photo Credit: AlexLipa via Deposit Photos.

Family vlogging is a trend that has exploded in recent years, and while some may find it entertaining, others find it downright annoying.

What once started as a way to share family adventures and milestones has now turned into a race for views, subscribers, and sponsorships.

From endless product advertisements to forced, unnatural reactions in front of the camera, it’s become more about making money than capturing genuine moments.

Not to mention, some families overshare their personal lives to the point where it becomes uncomfortable to watch.

The authenticity and spontaneity of families have been replaced with staged and scripted content, leaving viewers longing for something more genuine.

One person sums it up perfectly, “The concept of exploiting your children’s lives for views is particularly awful. And because it’s a relatively new concept, there are no real laws concerning child labor or exploitation. There are YouTubers out there right now who live in mansions worth millions of dollars that they got from shoving a camera in their toddler’s face and demanding them to perform for strangers. I can’t even imagine the psychological repercussions this will have on these kids in the future.”

#4. Subscriptions

Photo Credit: Syda_Productions via Deposit Photos.

From meal kits to streaming services, we can barely move an inch without accidentally signing up for something new.

But let’s be real. The subscription trend is quickly becoming a headache.

Not only does it seem like every brand and their mother is jumping on the subscription bandwagon, but the hidden fees and cancellation policies are enough to make your head spin.

It’s like navigating a labyrinth just to stop receiving a monthly shipment of socks you never even wear.

Plus, with so many subscriptions, it’s easy to overspend and accumulate more clutter than you know what to do with.

As one person said, “First it was just Netflix, then it was Dollar Shave Club. Now every TV channel is a separate subscription, every household item wants to send it to you over and over again. Nothing is released physically, so the only way to watch a movie or check out a new album is to pay someone monthly.”

#5. Couples Pulling Pranks

Photo Credit: Anetlanda via Deposit Photos.

In the beginning, seeing a video of someone pulling a harmless prank on their partner was good for a laugh.

But now that people realize they can make money off these videos, it has gone to the extreme.

In most videos, it is painfully obvious the prank is scripted, and neither person can act.

What’s worse is now that these videos are so numerous, you have to go above and beyond to stand out.

So what started as a harmless prank of scaring someone has become elaborate pranks that can seriously injure the other partner.

This begs the question, is the money worth it to hurt the person you love physically?

#6. Influencers Wanting Free Stuff

Photo Credit: ArturVerkhovetskiy via Deposit Photos.

The entitlement of influencers is at an all-time high.

It has gotten so bad that most think they shouldn’t have to pay for anything.

Any time the topic of payment comes up, the influencer will flash their social cred by citing their follower count to validate why they shouldn’t have to pay.

Frankly, it’s a gimmick that not only breeds insincerity but also perpetuates unrealistic expectations.

#7. Needing A Side Hustle

Photo Credit: starast via Deposit Photos.

Needing a side hustle? More like needing a permanent eye twitch from lack of sleep and a brain fried from juggling multiple gigs.

It’s the shiny new trend everyone is jumping on, all in the name of making some extra cash.

When did we start glorifying the idea of constantly working?

Although it may seem like the perfect solution to cutting corners and saving money, the reality is that having a side hustle takes a toll on our mental and physical well-being.

It’s time to encourage a work-life balance instead of praising the hustle mentality.

After all, isn’t it more fulfilling to have hobbies and relax rather than chasing a never-ending paycheck?

As one person said, “The idea that every one of your hobbies needs to be turned into a side hustle. No one is allowed to simply have hobbies that they love, you have to strive to be good enough to monetize it.”

#8. Driving While Using a Cell Phone

Photo Credit: Mactrunk via Deposit Photos.

We all have encountered this on the road, drivers glued to their cell phones, barely paying attention to the traffic around them.

It’s not just annoying, it’s downright dangerous! In a world where everyone is available 24/7, it seems like some people never disconnect, not even when they’re behind the wheel of a car.

It’s bad enough when someone weaves across lanes or forgets to signal because they’re talking on their phone.

But add texting, posting on social media, or playing games to the mix, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

As one person shared, “Abrupt Lane changes, 20mph under the speed limit, swerving, looking at phone and missing a green light for 5+ seconds, and my personal pet peeve, stopping 50 feet short of a light in a busy intersection during rush hour.”

#9. Zero Privacy

Photo Credit: eddiephotograph via Deposit Photos.

In a world that is becoming increasingly connected, zero privacy is downright annoying.

Not only does it feel like others are constantly watching us, but it also diminishes our ability to control important aspects of our lives.

The sad part is companies bury the details of the information we share in the middle of the wall of text, better known as Terms and Conditions.

Most of us accept them in our busy lives without thoroughly reading or understanding what we consent to.

As one person said, “All your devices hook up to the Internet. Your smartphone tracks you in God only knows how many different ways. Every business wants you to sign up for a rewards account, so they can harvest your contact details.”

#10. Recording Everything

Photo Credit: AndrewLozovyi via Deposit Photos.

In an age where technology surrounds us, it’s no surprise that the trend of recording everything has taken hold.

Whether it’s someone’s breakfast or their walk to work, people have become obsessed with capturing every moment of their lives.

But the reality is this obsession with recording everything is becoming incredibly annoying.

Instead of living in the moment and cherishing memories, we’re more concerned with perfecting our Instagram stories or Facebook posts.

It’s time to put down the camera and experience life firsthand.

#11. Recording Good Deeds

Photo Credit: HighwayStarz via Deposit Photos.

The age of social media has given rise to a peculiar and annoying trend.

It seems everyone is recording their good deeds and posting them online for the world to see.

From donating to charity to helping a stranger carry their bags, the camera is always rolling.

While the intention behind this trend may be pure, something is unsettling about the need for public validation of our actions.

Are we doing good deeds for the sake of doing good, or are we doing them for likes and comments?

As one person said, “People are recording themselves doing ‘charitable acts’ like buying a meal or giving money to a homeless person. I can assure you that person does not want their face all over social media so you can get clout for being a ‘good charitable person’. Sure do a good thing like helping the less fortunate but you don’t need to record it and have their face all over social media.”

#12. Expensive Weddings

Photo Credit: Yana via Deposit Photos.

From diamond-studded dresses to helicopter entrances, every couple wants to outdo one another on their wedding day.

But while a lavish celebration may appear like the ultimate display of love, it’s causing more frustration and eye rolls than envy.

The pressure to have a perfect wedding has become so great that many couples take out loans to afford it.

It’s not just the financial strain that’s inconvenient but the insincerity of it all.

Weddings should be about celebrating love, not flaunting wealth.

And let’s not forget that these events are turning into multiple-destination celebrations.

Not only do you have the wedding, but you need to weekend trip to Vegas for the bachelor party or a long weekend to Nashville for the bachelorette party.

It’s to the point where the bride and groom expect those in the wedding party to shell out thousands of dollars and use up their vacation time for multiple trips just to please the bride and groom.

#13. Social Media Challenges

Photo Credit: bloomua via Deposit Photos.

From the ice bucket challenge to the cinnamon challenge and everything in between, it’s hard to escape these viral phenomena that flood our feeds.

While they may seem harmless and even fun initially, the pressure to participate and the constant bombardment of videos can quickly become overwhelming.

Not to mention, many of these challenges can be dangerous and even detrimental to one’s health.

So why do we continue to participate in them?

It could be the desire for likes and validation or the fear of missing out.

Whatever the case, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate the impact these challenges have on our lives and whether it’s worth sacrificing our safety and sanity for a few seconds of internet fame.

#14. Gender Reveal Parties

Photo Credit: oksana_nazarchuk via Deposit Photos.

Gender reveal parties have become a cultural phenomenon that I simply cannot wrap my head around.

I mean, who doesn’t like surprises?

But, as fun as it sounds to reveal the gender of a new baby, the trend is fast becoming an annoyance.

I get that people are excited to welcome a new life into the world, but can we please stop with the excessive pink and blue decorations, confetti cannons, and gender-reveal cakes?

The sad part is some of these people show genuine sadness when the gender is not the one they were hoping for.

What will they do when their son watches the video and sees Mom visibly upset because she wanted a daughter so badly?

#15. Needing To Respond Immediately

Photo Credit: Milkos via Deposit Photos.

Whether responding to an urgent email at 2 am or a text message within minutes, the expectation for immediate responses can take a toll on our mental health and overall well-being.

Not to mention, it can add unnecessary stress to our already busy lives.

The idea of disconnecting and taking time to recharge has become a foreign concept to many.

One person sums it up perfectly with this, “Rant time. Modern people, including most the people I’ve dated, getting upset that I don’t reply to them immediately. ‘Why were you ignoring me bro?!’ I wasn’t. I’m just not addicted to my phone. People will complain about how I don’t reply to them immediately, but if you put them all in a room, they can’t look up from their phones to have a real conversation.”

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