Unleash These 16 Savings Tricks to Skyrocket Your Net Worth


Feeling tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not making progress in growing your wealth? 

It can be tough with bills piling up, unpredictable economy, and increasing living costs. But hey, no worries! 

There are proven strategies that successful people use every day to save money. 

In fact, I’ve got 16 awesome tactics to share with you! 

Whether it’s cutting back on monthly expenses or curbing impulsive purchases, each method offers endless opportunities if you’re ready to put in the effort. 

Here is some helpful advice on how you can unleash these 16 amazing savings hacks to rapidly increase your net worth and start building real financial prosperity.

Automate Payments

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Automating your payments is an easy way to save money every month.

By setting up automatic drafts from your bank account, you can ensure that bills are paid on time and avoid late fees or additional interest charges. 

Plus, it’s a great way to stay on top of all your finances without having to constantly monitor them.

Track Your Spending

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Keeping track of your spending is an important part of saving money.

It can help you identify where your money goes and how much you’re actually spending each month. 

Plus, it can help you set realistic goals for reducing expenses and staying on top of your finances.

You can use an app or spreadsheet to monitor your spending, or even just make a habit of keeping receipts and writing down your purchases. 

The important thing is to make sure you’re aware of where your money is going and how much you’re spending.

Seek Out Inexpensive Alternatives

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With most products and services, there is almost always a cheaper alternative. Whether it’s off-brand items at big box stores, homemade cleaning products, or last year’s popular cell phone instead of the new and improved version, you’ll always have options.

For many people, this is an easy way to save money simply because they realize they already seek out inexpensive alternatives!

Practice Delayed Gratification

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Whenever you’re mulling over any kind of purchase – big or small – many advise waiting a few days. If you still want that item after that self-imposed waiting period, go for it – but you’d be surprised how often you wind up not going through with the purchase!

This is especially effective for big-ticket items, as someone pointed out: “That way, you can think things through and decide if you really want that bike or car,” they suggested.

Stay Home On The Weekends

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We spend the most money on the weekends. Whether we are bored and looking for something to do, or have the time to go shopping, this is when most of us get into trouble.

A simple trick is to pick a weekend a month and not spend any money. Instead, find free things to do. If you can do this, you will see a positive change on your finances.

Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have

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This particular rule seems simple enough: stop spending money you don’t have, which essentially means cutting out all forms of credit as a way to secure your financial wellness.

If you can’t dip into a line of credit, it’s impossible for your credit to go bad. “It is also known by another name: live below your means,” said one man. Words to live by, indeed.

Cancel Unneeded Subscriptions

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We have a ton of streaming subscriptions that we are too lazy to cancel, and we’re sure you do, too. People are near-unanimous in advising you to take a look at your subscriptions and cancel the ones you don’t watch as much.

Even though each service is only a few dollars a month, trust us: it all adds up.

In fact, we’re willing to be that you won’t even miss the services you cut out of your life!

Understand Needs Versus Wants

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One of the harshest life lessons a person can learn is the difference between a need and a want – and according to many people, the best way to save money is to fully grasp this concept.

It comes down to prioritization and giving a good, hard look at what you’re about to purchase. “If you don’t already have it, do you really need it?” wondered one woman.

Cook at Home

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The numbers don’t lie: one of the very best financial wellness rules to live by is to simply prepare more of your meals at home. ”

You save so much compared to restaurants and the pre-made stuff people usually buy,” one saver advised. “Also, cooking is fun.” Nothing beats a delicious home-cooked meal if you ask us.

Spend Less Than You Make

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While this rule of thumb seems obvious to many people, you’d be surprised how many people don’t follow it! If you’re making $3,000 each month, make sure you don’t spend more than that – it’s that simple.

To make it even easier, many people advised only paying with cash, as the tangible feeling of money leaving your hands made people more wary about mindlessly spending it.

“Using cash only helped me save a lot,” one person admitted.

Follow The 50-30-20 Rule

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The 50-30-20 rule is a basic budgeting plan than has 50% of your money going towards essentials, like food, housing, insurance, etc.

30% of you income should go towards discretionary spending, or wants. The remaining 20% is for saving and debt repayment.

Many people love this budget because it frees them from having to track everything they spend money on. Simply place it into a bucket and you are done.

Don’t Save, Invest

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While habitually putting a small percentage of your weekly paycheck into a savings account is a smart move, you can be even smarter.

Countless people suggested investing your money as opposed to simply plopping it down into a savings account where it will accrue a shockingly small amount of interest.

Of course, investing itself is a long-term play – but nine times out of ten, you’ll be glad you invested in the market if enough time passes. And it’s not hard to get started. Just learn a few investing basics and you can put the rest on autopilot.

Buy Secondhand Before Buying Brand New

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Places like garage sales, estate sales, and websites like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Craigslist can be invaluable resources to you and can make the difference between an expensive purchase of a necessity and a bargain!

“When I moved, I got almost all my furniture and kitchenware this way, and it saved a ton,” one man revealed.

“People are always getting rid of stuff that’s still in good condition, and you probably won’t notice the difference once you have it. It’s also way better for the environment.”

Learn To Save First

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One of the simplest things you can do to get ahead is to save money before you spend anything

The easiest way to do this is to open a savings account and then set up an automatic transfer every time you get paid.

It doesn’t matter if you save $5 or $100, the point is to create the habit of saving money.

Have A Goal

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Giving yourself a goal or something to work for can be a great incentive to save money.

Whether it’s a new purse, clothes, a vacation, or just a dollar amount in your savings account, having goals can give you the inspiration you need to succeed.

Never Pay Full Price

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With countless sales on the vast majority of items available to purchase, why would you ever pay full price? A small amount of time dedicated to researching a great deal will go a long way.

You can even try a different route, as suggested by one savvy shopper: “My habit is always using a cashback site to save money when buying online,” she admitted.

Best Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

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Here is a complete guide on how to get free gift cards so you can spend less money on the things you buy.


Fun Money Saving Challenges

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Do you find it boring to save money?

If you are motivation by turning things into a game, check out these money saving challenges. There is a game for you that will make saving fun and exciting so that you make it a priority to save money.


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