Wake Up Call: The 17 Glaring Wrongs No One Wants to Talk About


It’s no secret society has many issues that need to be addressed, some widely discussed, others avoiding the public eye. 

While it’s comforting and easy to settle into a status quo of existing problems, nothing ever gets fixed this way. 

We must take action and demand change to achieve the progress our world needs. 

But before we can make real change, we first have to acknowledge the wrongs that are going on; let’s face reality and start by having an open talk about what isn’t working today so we can finally catalyze meaningful progress together. 

Here is a list of 17 glaring wrongs in society that need immediate attention but all too often remain undiscussed because it’s time for us all to wake up!

1. Healthcare Being Tied To Employment

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In the US, healthcare is tied to employment. 

This means that when you lose or leave your job, you also lose your health insurance. It’s unacceptable for people to have their health taken away simply because of a life event that was out of their control. 

To make matters worse, medical care can become too expensive for some people and, therefore, inaccessible.

The US needs to move towards a universal healthcare system that focuses on providing quality medical care to everyone regardless of their employment status or income level.

2. Debt is “Normal”

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Debt is a normal part of life in the US. In fact, it’s estimated that the average American household carries over $137,000 in debt. 

This amount of debt can be overwhelming and lead to financial distress for many people.

What’s more concerning is that student loan debt has now surpassed credit card debt as the largest consumer debt category in the US.

3. The Ad-pocalypse

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It can become overwhelming when the entire online world runs on affiliate marketing and targeted ads. “Hopefully, they won’t invade our dreams like in Futurama,” one joker muses, unaware of another’s experience.

“I had a dream about a month ago of a full movie, and my dream would stop for ads in the middle of the movie,” says the user. “The ads were for insane products like vacuum cleaners for Anteaters that attach to their nose.”

4. Conspicuous Consumption

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One observer notes that the commercial, consumerist onslaught now goes hand-in-hand with net-zero carbon guilt-tripping.

“The weirdness of living on a finite planet with limited resources, and yet being constantly bombarded by messages to consume more resources is absolutely weird,” argues a witness to the hypocrisy. This one can be filed under. “I will tell you to watch your carbon footprint while I tour the world in my private jet.”

5. Out of Control Government

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Sticking with the government theme, it has evolved, or devolved depending on your outlook, into becoming something that protects you.

Initially, it was created as guardrails for a free and fair society.

But now the government controls so much, and there seems to be no stopping it.

They are now partnering with tech firms to control more things.

Take artificial intelligence.

You hear stories about how it will end humankind.

Is this true, or does the government want to control it because it knows it has no biases and will tell you the truth?

6. Ownership

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“Basically, the concept of ownership is disappearing,” admits the first awake individual.

Those who follow the mysterious goings on with dollar-store Bond villain Klaus Schwab’s Davos collective — also known as the World Economic Forum — will know about the organization’s now-deleted mission statement: “You will own nothing and be happy.” Will we, Klaus? Why don’t you lead by example?

7. Subscriptions

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One observer jokes that one day, everything will be subscription-based, including bodily organs.

“Would you like to renew or upgrade to SpleenProTM for an ad-free, high-definition auto-immune experience?” asks the commenter with more than a hint of mockery. As satirical as it sounds, you know a medical exec somewhere has thought about it.

8. No Cures, Just Treatments

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According to some sides of the argument, several cancer cures are already in circulation but have been suppressed by those in power. “Cure? No, no: cures you sell only once,” adds a kindred observer. “But treatments? Much more profitable.”

Some more cynical humans feel a cure for cancer would just put too many powerful people out of a job. If antivirus companies found a widget that would rid the world of computer viruses forever, would they share it? No.

9. Ears Everywhere

Woman hearing secret
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“When you’re talking about something specific with a friend in person, and then later ads for that very same thing start popping up in your browser,” suggests an observant individual.

I am so with you on this one, oh, forum poster. I have disabled voice activation on all my devices, though even my association with others can bring them keyword-target ads. We are living in a cybernetic algorithm.

10. Feel Good Stories

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You hear a lot of feel good stories on the news, but when you stop and think about it, the story is actually sad.

For example, “Teacher runs out of PTO days fighting cancer so the whole school district started to donate sick days”. Why does she need to use vacation days to try to save her life?

11. Language Policing

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When politically correct ‘newspeak’ makes its way into everyday society, we know we are on the losing team.

When a perfectly good part of our lexicon is earmarked for scuttling, it feels like a cyberpunk or Orwellian subplot. “Like people getting used to not being able to say words like ‘dead’ on TikTok because advertisers don’t like it,” suggests an observer, “so then you see a bunch of people saying words like ‘unalive’ in real life.”

12. The Justice System

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“Lawyers advise hiring the most expensive and capable representation you can afford if you’re facing any accusation,” believes one contributor.

“The fact that your ability to spend determines your guilt or punishment is horrifying.” As a non-American citizen, this horrifies me, though it applies to most Western countries.

13. Trash

trash cans
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We’ve been conditioned to believe everything is disposable, so we toss everything in the garbage without thinking about where it is going or what it is doing to our environment.

14. Disconnection From Nature

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“We can live very good lives while still being connected to the natural world,” declares a thread user who refers to most of the human race.

People’s lack of awe for the natural world is unnerving — and forms the basis for so much of its failing. A line from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is apt here. “A love of nature keeps no factories busy,” says the narrator in Huxley’s crucial book. Eyes on the prize, humans!

15. Apps for Everything

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I recall a Bill Burr skit in which he talks about losing his mind over his wife’s new coffee machine, for which the owner must have a phone app to use.

A similar story appears in the thread here. “My electric wheelchair has “bonus functions” which you can unlock in an app for just 300 euros,” shares the commenter. “I refuse to pay, but the fact that this exists bothers me.”

16. Slowly Losing Your Freedoms

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Every law that gets passed takes away a little more of your freedoms.

And to keep it going, the government uses clever language to make you feel good about it.

Homeland Security is there to protect you, but all it does is allow the government to intrude on your life more.

Sadly, most people are unaware of this.

It’s like a slowly dripping faucet.

It doesn’t look like much, but put a bucket under it and in a few months, you will be shocked with how much water there is.

17. Widening Gap Between Haves and Have Nots

Two couples helping the poor and needy
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You hear studies all the time about how the average American doesn’t have $1,000 in savings.

It’s so common, you probably brush it off.

But there is a quickly growing divide between those with money and those without and it is only getting worse.

The scary part is most people don’t seem to care.

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