Wake Up Call! This Is The Grim Financial Truth Gen Z Needs To Know


Generation Z are in for a rude awakening when it comes to their finances.

Most Gen Zers grew up during a time of economic prosperity, and many of them lack the financial literacy needed to recognize the realities that await them if they don’t heed some important advice.

Unfortunately, many young people have been lured by promises of quick riches from new apps or exotic investments and are unaware of the true cost behind certain choices, often leading down a path marred with debt and poor investments.

In this article, we’ll explore why it’s so important for Gen Zers to understand basics such as budgeting, saving money, investing long-term and much more.

By taking these financial steps now while you’re still young, you’ll set yourself up for long-term success instead of ending up buried under an avalanche of debt later on!

#1. Most Think They Don’t Need A Resume

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61% are not concerned with creating a resume because their degree will be enough to impress employers.

#2. No Entry-Level Jobs

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Of those surveyed, 61% also believe they won’t have to work entry-level jobs.

Instead, employers will immediately see their potential and offer them senior-level jobs.

#3. Business Majors Are Most Out Of Touch With Salary Expectations

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Business majors have the most unrealistic expectations regarding starting salary when breaking down the data by major.

They are followed by nursing students, those obtaining a liberal arts degree, and political science majors.

#4. Gen Z Will Compromise On Starting Salary For Other Perks

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Asked if offered a lower starting salary with additional workplace perks, Gen Z responded as follows:

  • 48% want a good work-life balance
  • 43% want great benefits
  • 41% want flexible hours
  • 40% want the job in a desirable location

#5. Most Don’t Think They Can Afford To Live

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When informing the students taking the survey that the average starting salary is $55,911, over one-third (34%) don’t think they will be able to afford basic expenses on this income.

#6. If Forced To Take A Low Salary, Gen Z Says This Will Happen

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When asked if they had to take the average starting salary of $55,911, the students responded as follows:

  • 37% would have to work a second job
  • 33% would not be able to repay their student loans
  • 27% would go into credit card debt
  • 19% would have to move back in with their parents

#7. Gen Z Expects To Make 52% More In Starting Salary

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The average starting salary is $55,911, but Gen Z expects to begin their career earning a whopping $84,855.

#8. 97% Will Work For Less Money, But With A Catch

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Most students (97%) said they would work for less money, but the lowest would be $72,850.

#9. 70% Say They Deserve More

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Nearly two-thirds of students say they deserve a higher starting salary because they work harder than their peers.

Additionally, 64% say they deserve more because they are more intelligent than their peers.

#10. Their Major Guarantees Them A Job

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72% of Gen Z think that majoring in a high-demand field will guarantee them a job right after graduation.

Steps to Take For Financial Security

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So with all the bad news, what can Gen Z do to set themselves up for a life of wealth?

It starts with understanding values and spending money on these things.

Sure having the latest tech gadget or shoes is nice, but if they bring you no joy, then why spend the money?

You’d be better off spending the money on a vacation or something that will bring happiness.

So the first, and most important step for this generation is to get over the FOMO that is running rampant and spend wisely.

From there, they need to make saving and investing a priority.

Just doing these two things will help their finances tremendously.

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