Who Knew Making Money Could Be This Easy? 16 Surprisingly Simple Side Hustles You Gotta Try


Do you ever find yourself wishing there were more hours in a day to make some extra cash? 

Life can get pretty busy, leaving little time for side hustles. 

But guess what? 

We’ve got some awesome news for you! 

Earning extra income has never been easier with our fantastic collection of 16 surprisingly simple side hustles! 

Whether you’re looking for part-time gigs to boost your bank account or creative ways to start your own business without getting overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered. 

Check it out now and start making money with ease!

1. Become a Delivery Driver

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Do you have a reliable car and some free time on your hands? 

Then sign up to become a delivery driver! 

Companies like Uber Eats or DoorDash offer flexible hours that can fit into anyone’s busy schedule. 

Plus, the pay isn’t too shabby either.

2. Start a Blog

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Blogging is an excellent way to make some extra cash on the side. 

You can write about anything you’re passionate about and share your insights with a growing audience of readers. 

Plus, when you start to get more followers, you can monetize your blog for additional passive income.

3. Invest In Dividend Paying Stocks

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If you have some extra cash, consider investing it in high-quality dividend stocks. Then every month, invest more money. You can do this easily with an automatic investing plan.

When you invest in dividend-paying stocks, the companies will pay you a portion of their quarterly profit. So four times a year, you will earn money simply for owning the stock. The more shares you own, the more money you make.

The best option is to find stocks that are dividend aristocrats. These stocks have paid out and increased their dividend every year for at least 25 consecutive years. You can also look into high-paying exchange-traded funds. For example, the JP Morgan Equity Premium Income ETF invests in high-quality companies with an 11.55% dividend yield.

4. Sell Feet Pics

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This sounds crazy, but you can make serious money selling pictures of your feet. This includes bare feet, feet in shoes or stockings, and more. You don’t need to get graphic with things. Just simple pictures of your feet will do.

To make money, there are various options. You can create a membership site and have people pay you a monthly fee to access the images. Or you can join a membership site, but the downside is they will take a cut of your income.

Another option is to create a social media account and post your feet pictures. Gain enough followers and earn income from advertisements or brands wanting to work with you.

This side gig is very lucrative, allowing you to earn up to $100 or more per picture.

5. Sell PLR Content

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PLR content, or private label rights, is various types of content, like whitepapers, ebooks, and slideshows that you create. You then sell the rights of this work to others who can brand it as their own. They can also edit it to make more of their own.

With so many websites and businesses needing content, you can make a good amount of money doing this. For example, create a library of documents related to personal finance, and you can sell it to various financial planning firms.

This is a popular option because it is cheaper to buy PLR content than to hire an employee to do this work.

6. Sell Photos

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If you enjoy taking pictures, selling your photos is an easy way to make extra income. You can sell your images to stock photo sites, and every time someone downloads your image, you earn money.

The money you earn isn’t great on a per picture basis, usually around $1 per download. But if you have a large portfolio, this could add up.

Another option would be to create photobooks and sell these. With a bit of thinking, there are many ways to sell the photos you take and earn an income.

7. Make Money With Your Body

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Another weird way to make money on the side is with your body. Again, this is strictly PG-level things here. For example, you can sell your plasma or sell breast milk. There are many ways you can earn an income doing this that you probably don’t realize.

How much money you make with your body varies depending on what you do. In some cases, you will earn $50. In other instances, you could earn a few hundred dollars or more.

8. Become A Consultant

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Is there something you are highly skilled at? If so, you can consider consulting others. For example, maybe you are a financial planner who works with high net-worth clients, but you know many people who need your help but don’t have that amount of wealth.

In this case, you can offer an hour-long call for a small fee, say $100, and you can help them set up a budget or investment accounts.

If you work in human resources or at a staffing agency, you know a good resume when you see it. Offer to work with people updating and cleaning up their resumes.

9. Sell Printables

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Selling printables is another great way to earn passive income on the side. Many people seek help setting goals, creating budgets, making a workout plan, and more.

You can create these templates for free using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or Canva. Once completed, save it as a PDF and sell it on sites like Etsy. You might only make $5-$10 for each printable, but once you build up an inventory, you can put this side hustle on autopilot.

And here is a bonus tip: Review to see what is selling most in a couple of months and double down by creating different versions of the same document. For example, if your money-saving challenge worksheets are a big seller, make more of these.

10. Watch Videos

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You can make money watching videos. You can also make money playing games online. The catch is you aren’t going to make a fortune with this option. But while the others are more work for a higher income, this option is simple and fun that you can do for extra spending money.

Sites like Swagbucks allow you to earn points by playing games, watching videos, and more. You then turn the points into cash or free gift cards. Again, the money you make won’t allow you to quit your day job, but it can offset some of the higher costs of groceries.

11. Print On Demand

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There are a handful of websites that offer print-on-demand services. To do this side gig, you create a picture or a saying and then offer it on things like t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and more.

Most on-demand sites allow you to create a store for free, but you can access additional features when you pay. Once you set up your store, if a person buys your t-shirt, the site will print the shirt, collect payment, and ship it to them. The store will also deal with returns. You earn a percentage of the sale price.

Pop culture references and quotes sell well, but so do other niches, like pets. The income you earn will vary depending on the product you sell, but you should be able to average $10 per item.

12. Bookkeeping

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If you are good with numbers, this could be a gold mine for you.

Many small businesses need help with their bookkeeping, and this is where you come in.

For a few hours a week, you balance their books.

It’s easy work that pays well.

Even better, you work wherever you want and take on as many clients as you want.

13. Use PayPal

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If you have a PayPal account, you can do many things to get money, many times for free.

There are various games you can play like Solitaire Cash, Mistplay, or Bingo Cash.

Other sites will pay you to try out their services.

Of course, there is always the option of earning cash back by shopping online.

This idea is different on list, but is here because it’s a great option if you are only looking for a little extra cash.

14. Run A Vending Machine Business

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You might not think a vending machine business is a wise move, but in some cases, you can make $1,000 or more every month. Granted, you need to place them in high traffic areas, but it is possible.

Once you have the machines set up, all you need to do is visit a warehouse club and stock up on candy and soft drinks to refill the machines. Most modern machines will alert you when you are running low on items, so you won’t have to check daily.

15. Pet Sitting

dog walking
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Who doesn’t love animals? If you’re an animal lover, why not put that passion to work and start a side hustle pet sitting for your neighbors or friends? 

Many pet owners are busy with their day-to-day lives and need someone reliable to look after their furry friends. 

You could even offer special services like doggy walking or drop off/pick up from the vet.

The great thing about this side hustle is that you can set your own rates, making it a potentially lucrative endeavor.

16. Tutoring

Virtual Tutor
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If you have a knack for teaching and helping others understand difficult concepts, tutoring could be the perfect side hustle for you! 

You could offer your services in-person or online to students of any age, from pre-schoolers all the way to adults.

Tutoring is a great side hustle for those looking to make some extra money and help others out simultaneously.

You could even specialize in subjects such as SAT prep or foreign languages.

Tutoring can be both a rewarding and financially beneficial side hustle.

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