You Won’t Believe What These Pawn Shops Pay for These Random Items


Are you in a pinch and need cash fast? Are you looking for an outside-the-box side hustle that provides you with a good income and not many hours working?

Selling items to your local pawnshop could be the source of income you need. Things like electronics, musical instruments, jewelry, and power tools are among the best things that fetch a lot of cash at the pawn shop.

So whether you need to pawn something for money and plan to repay the loan or want to pawn for cash, here are the items you should focus on pawning.

#1. Precious Metals and Diamonds

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Pawning precious metals and diamonds is a great way to get quick cash. Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are highly sought after by pawn shops, which will offer you generous amounts for these items.

Diamonds can also be very valuable at pawnshops, depending on their size and quality.

Be sure to bring any documentation about the item’s origin or value when visiting the shop to get the best price possible.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#2. Musical Instruments

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Instruments such as drums, guitars, violins, flutes, and other instruments are highly sought after by pawn shops which you can sell for generous amounts of money.

Once you bring your instrument in, the shop owner will evaluate the item and give you an offer based on its condition and value.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#3. Luxury Watches

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If you’ve been debating whether to sell your precious luxury watch, consider pawning it at a shop instead. Pawn shops offer an easy way to unload your prized possessions without the hassle of going through individual buyers.

You’ll get cash on the spot when dealing with a pawn shop. This can be faster than finding individual buyers and haggling over prices.

Plus, specialty watches may be difficult to resell, but with a pawn shop, you can easily sell them. Your luxury watch could become an immediate asset for someone else, and that doesn’t have to stop you from owning it again.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#4. Jewelry

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Jewelry is the top seller at pawn shops, and you can present your rings or necklaces to a pawn shop and get quick extra cash. However, it has to be real gold or silver jewelry.

Most pawn shops will take jewelry as collateral because it is valuable in the market, and most people have it. Therefore, one can pawn their wedding ring for a while to get a quick loan in an emergency.

Sometimes, pawn shops will take broken jewelry because they have people who can repair it and increase its value. However, that depends on the pawn shop. Some do not take anything broken, even if it is high-value jewelry.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#5. Power Tools

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If you are a handy person with many power tools like air compressors and power drills, you can walk to your local pawn shop and get money for them. These items are costly, and most people need them to fix common problems at home.

Therefore, it is common to have people look for power tools in a pawn shop, which means there is a ready market for them. Pawnbrokers will pay for power tools or take them as collateral for small loans.

However, the power tools are only valuable if they are in good working condition. Higher-end brands will also fetch more cash than low-end brands.

Ensure your tool works as it should, and try to have the operating manual. It also helps if you clean your tools first, as this will make them appear to be in better condition.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#6. Antiques

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Pawnbrokers have an eye for antiques. They understand their value and might even know someone who would like such a piece.

If you have antique furniture that is in excellent condition, you can get a good deal at the pawn shop, in some cases, allowing you to make $1,000 fast. However, it is important to determine whether your local pawn shop deals with antiques.

That will save you the trouble of transporting a large piece of antique furniture only to find that they do not accept it.

The reason for not taking most of these pieces is usually space. Most pawn shops will have limited space and cannot buy or accept items that take up large amounts of space.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#7. Designer Handbags and Clothes

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For the pawnshop to accept them as collateral, designer handbags and clothes must be authentic. Also, the clothes and bags should be in good condition to make it easy for the pawn shop to find a buyer.

Even though many pawn shops accept authentic designer items from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach, some don’t, and for a good reason, as many fakes have flooded the market.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#8. Rare Coins

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As you can tell from the name, rare coins are not easy to come by. That means most are valuable and would fetch a fortune on the market.

Pawn shop owners like these items because they understand their value. However, you might not get the full value of the coins at a pawn shop.

Before pawning the rare dollar bills and coins at your local pawn shop, research to see whether there are better places to sell the coins to get the most money possible.

A local coin shop might offer a better value. The advantage of pawn shops is that they will give you the money in cash much quicker than any other place.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#9. Art

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There is a ready market for art from famous artists, and many art enthusiasts are willing to pay a reasonable amount for the work. However, most pawnbrokers might undervalue the piece to make huge profits once they sell it to an art enthusiast.

Take it to different pawn shops before settling on one to get the best price. You can also sell it online on places like eBay or other shops that buy art because you might get a better deal and a higher amount of money there.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#10. Vehicles

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Vehicles are good collateral for pawn shop loans. However, not all pawn shops accept cars because of space constraints.

The best thing to do before taking the car to the pawn shop is to call and ask whether they accept cars as collateral. Also, some online pawn shops may be unwilling to give out large loans.

If you need a large amount of money, you might be better off taking out a personal loan. This is an easier way to get a large amount of money, and you don’t risk losing your car if you can’t pay the loan back quickly.

Estimated earnings: $500+

#11. Sports Equipment

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Things like bicycles, baseball bats, golf clubs, and bowling balls can get you extra cash at the pawn shop. It might not be a lot or close to the value of golf clubs or other sporting equipment, but that is the point of pawn shops.

Aside from selling these items privately, this is your best option, as most stores that buy second-hand equipment usually offer you store credit, not cash.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#12. Flat-Screen TVs

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Flat-screen TVs are also popular to pawn for quick cash, provided the television is functional.

The better the television features, the more you can get at the pawn shop. Of course, brand matters too. A Sony TV will get a higher amount of money than a Hisense.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#13. Printers

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If you have a printer lying in the home that you barely use, it may be time you exchange it for a cool $50. Even if you do not get its worth, $50 is better than having it lying idle at home.

Of course, the printer must work. Otherwise, the pawn shop won’t take it.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#14. Strollers

Photo Credit: AndrewLozovyivia Deposit Photos.

Babies will not remain babies forever. Most of the things they use as toddlers are no longer useful when they grow up. You can use them to make money at local pawn shops.

However, a better option would be to sell on Facebook Marketplace or at local Mommy sales. Not only will you have a lot more potential buyers, but you can also earn a higher amount per item.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#15. Old Cell Phones

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An old, functional cell phone could be worth something at the pawn shop. Most people have phones lying around because they keep changing with technology.

Instead of creating a collection of phones you will never use again, take them to the local pawn shop and get a few dollars for them.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#16. Tablets and Laptops

Photo Credit: VadimVasenin via Deposit Photos.

A good laptop can earn you $100 or more at the pawn shop. The laptop’s features and condition will affect how much money you get.

For tablets, the newer it is, the better. And as with laptops, more features will result in you getting the most money.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#17. DJ Equipment

Photo Credit: hurricanehank via Deposit Photos.

Selling DJ equipment to a pawn shop is a great way to get extra cash in your pocket without too much hassle. You can sell anything from speakers, mix boards, and turntables to records and needles for spinning. 

Since this equipment new tends to be expensive, you can expect to earn a decent amount of money selling this gear to a pawn shop.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#18. Video Game Consoles

Photo Credit: mproduction via Deposit Photos.

Do you have old video games lying around your house? These can be some of the best stuff to sell for extra cash. If you no longer play old video games, you can pawn them for quick cash at the nearest pawn shop.

Some older gaming systems are in high demand from collectors and older adults trying to recreate their childhood days. Some rare games can be worth over $100 on their own.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#19. Stereo Systems

Photo Credit: maxxyustas via Deposit Photos.

If you have a good stereo system and powerful speakers, the pawn shop will gladly take them as collateral for a pawn shop loan or buy them from you.

Most people look for electronics at the pawnshop, especially since purchasing new ones costs a fortune. As a result, pawnbrokers are willing to pay top dollar for these systems.

Estimated earnings: $100+

#20. Hunting and Fishing Equipment

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Most people would want to have fishing and hunting equipment for recreational activities on weekends with families.

However, many people buy them and never use them because they are busy. If you are one of those people, you can pawn your equipment for quick cash and get a good deal to help you with a few bills here and there.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#21. Camping Equipment

Photo Credit: NewAfrica via Deposit Photos.

You may have bought a lot of camping gear and realized you no longer have the time.

Or you camped years ago, and the equipment now takes up space. Sell it to a pawn shop, make money, and declutter at the same time.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#22. Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles

Photo Credit: cookelma via Deposit Photos.

Motorcycles are expensive and would fetch a good amount anywhere. Pawn shops know that and offer $500 or more for dirt bikes and motorcycles.

Just make sure you are getting a fair deal before selling. Check online to see the market value of the vehicle first.

You might have to reach out to a few pawn shops as not all can store such large objects.

Estimated earnings: $500+

#23. Firearms

Photo Credit: vlad_star via Deposit Photos.

You can also sell firearms to a pawn shop, but first, make sure they accept guns. Also, know there are strict rules and regulations around selling firearms.

Make sure you adhere to them to avoid getting into legal trouble.

Estimated earnings: $500+

#24. Collectibles

Photo Credit: taxzi via Deposit Photos.

Collectibles are tricky as they cover so many areas. Old comic books, toys, war memorabilia, vintage signs, and more are collectibles.

But they are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. As a result, you might get less money selling to a pawn shop. While it makes sense to get an offer, you should also get offers from other places for collectibles.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#25. Riding Lawn Mower

Photo Credit: pryzmat via Deposit Photos.

Lawnmowers are expensive, especially zero-turn mowers. Because of this, they are something you can pawn for quick cash.

However, some might not be interested if they don’t have a lot of space.

Estimated earnings: $50+

#26. High-End Cameras

Photo Credit: REDPIXEL via Deposit Photos.

Like any other high-value items, high-end cameras can provide you with $500 or more at the

pawn shop. Brands like Nikon and Canon will get you higher amounts than other brands.

You can get even more money if you have accessories, like extra lenses. Check other places to sell; some people might be interested in your model and pay you more than a pawn shop would.

Estimated earnings: $100+

In the end, pawning items is a great way to make money on the side to help you pay off debt or get ahead financially. The only question that remains is, what are you going to pawn?

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