12 Items That Have Gotten More Expensive And Suffer Worse Quality At The Same Time


As our world becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, it seems that many things are simultaneously getting worse and more expensive.

From healthcare to education, housing to technology, individuals on a popular online forum examine how these things have both deteriorated in quality and become more expensive over time.

1. New Homes

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According to one real estate aficionado, new homes are getting worse and more expensive.

They claim that these cookie-cutter houses are built by cheap contractors who cut corners, resulting in poor quality.

Furthermore, the neighborhoods where these homes are situated have ever-increasing Homeowner Association (HOA) fees, which are also becoming more expensive.

2. University Education

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As society becomes increasingly complex and technology-driven, the need for skilled and educated workers has never been greater.

However, the rising cost of tuition and declining quality of education can limit access to higher education, particularly for low-income students.

An individual shared their frustration with the cost of university education, particularly this year.

They noted that tuition fees are increasing, but the fall semester will not have in-person sessions. This has made them feel like they need more value for their money.

3. Photo Booths

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As a form of nostalgia, photo booths allow people to capture memories in a unique and creative way. However, the rising cost of photo booths and the declining quality of their products can limit access to this form of entertainment. 

Another commenter in the forum pointed out that photo booths have decreased in quality while increasing in price.

They recalled the good old days when four different real photos could be obtained for just one dollar, but now, paying $7 for four identical bad laser prints has become the norm.

4. Cable Television

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In the ever-changing entertainment landscape, a disillusioned viewer lamented the state of cable television.

Once a beacon of leisurely enjoyment, it has devolved into a wasteland of mind-numbing commercials and hollow programming.

As the channels multiply, so do the costs, leaving viewers to wonder if their cable subscription is really worth it and seek out alternatives to cable.

5. Health Insurance

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One person in the discussion railed against the rising tide of costs and the ebbing tide of quality in the healthcare industry.

What was once simple, straightforward, and relatively affordable has become a financial nightmare, a reflection of a system in desperate need of reform.

The user’s memories of affordable insurance with robust coverage now seemed like a distant dream, replaced by the harsh reality of sky-high premiums and not-so-beneficial benefits.

Luckily, there are still some things you can do to save money.

6. Nestle

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A dissatisfied consumer expressed frustration with Nestle, a corporate behemoth that seems to have an insatiable appetite for acquisition.

With every new brand or product that falls under its umbrella, the quality seems to plummet while the cost skyrockets, a trend that leaves customers feeling cheated and disillusioned.

The commenter states that they will be on the hunt for a better alternative but that they aren’t holding out much hope.

7. Cadburys

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In the past, Cadbury’s was known for its smooth and creamy chocolate, which was made with high-quality ingredients.

However, in recent years, there have been complaints that Cadbury’s chocolate is not as smooth or creamy as it used to be and that it has a waxy texture.

There have also been concerns that Cadbury’s has reduced the cocoa content of its chocolate and added more sugar and vegetable fats to reduce costs.

Some attribute this decline in quality to the acquisition of Cadbury’s by Kraft Foods, which may have prioritized cost-cutting over quality.

A passionate chocolate lover showed disdain for Cadbury’s, a once-beloved brand that has fallen from grace. As they reminisced about the days of indulging in decadent treats, a sense of frustration crept in, a recognition that the quality had declined even as the price continued to climb.

8. Clothes

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Many consumers believe that clothing has decreased in quality over time while simultaneously becoming more expensive.

In the past, clothing was often made with durable materials and designed to last for years.

However, in recent years, there have been complaints that clothing is not as durable as it used to be, with clothes often losing their shape, color, or texture after just a few washes.

Some also argue that clothing is now made with lower-quality materials and is often manufactured in countries with lower labor standards to cut costs.

Despite this decline in quality, the price of clothing has increased, with many consumers paying a premium for high-end or designer brands.

Numerous commenters complained about the rising cost of clothing. They specifically mentioned that even a sweater from the Gap is now around $70, even though the quality is only marginally better than Old Navy.

People expressed frustration with clothing retailers and joked about the possibility of going naked if prices continued to increase.

9. Apple Computers

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In the past, Apple was known for its high-quality products that were built to last. However, in recent years, there have been complaints that Apple products are not as durable as they used to be, with devices breaking or malfunctioning more frequently. 

There have also been concerns that Apple has prioritized aesthetics and innovation over functionality, leading to products that are more fragile and less user-friendly.

Despite this decline in quality, the price of Apple products has continued to increase, with many consumers paying a premium for the Apple brand.

A diehard Apple fan expressed their disappointment in the evolution of Apple products. In the early days, Apple computers were a beacon of innovation, a symbol of sleek design and reliable functionality.

But as the years passed, a creeping sense of disappointment had set in, a feeling that the quality had declined even as the price continued to rise.

The commenter longed for the days of yore when a slightly thicker design and a generous number of ports were the norms rather than the exception.

10. Scented Candles

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Scented candles have become increasingly popular as a way to add ambiance and fragrance to homes. However, many consumers have noticed that the quality of scented candles has decreased over time while the prices have risen.

The use of cheaper materials and shortcuts in manufacturing processes has led to candles that burn more quickly, have less fragrance, and produce more soot.

Despite these issues, scented candles have continued to be marketed as luxury items, resulting in higher prices for lower-quality products.

One user fondly remembered a time when candles, particularly Yankee Candles, were the epitome of luxury.

But as the years went by, a creeping sense of disappointment set in, a feeling that the quality of these once-premium products had declined while the price continued to rise.

11. KFC

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Some customers have reported issues with the taste, texture, and overall quality of KFC’s chicken, which they believe may be due to changes in the cooking process or the use of lower-quality ingredients.

The portions have also become smaller, and the sides and drinks are often considered overpriced.

Despite these complaints, KFC has continued to be a popular fast-food chain, even if its not one of the cheapest places to eat out.

Many users in the thread expressed their disappointment with the quality and price of KFC. They reminisced about the good old days when a whole family could eat at KFC at an affordable price.

However, they feel that the quality has gotten worse, and the price has increased, with the chicken being super greasy and overpriced.

They concluded that KFC was not worth the cost anymore.

12. Household Appliances

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Some consumers have reported issues with the durability and reliability of appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines, which they believe may be due to the use of cheaper materials and manufacturing processes.

Some appliances have also become more complex, making repairs more difficult and expensive.

Despite these issues, consumers continue to rely on these appliances to make their lives easier, and the demand for high-end, feature-rich models has driven up prices.

One person commented on how certain household appliances have gotten worse and more expensive.

They mentioned how their grandmother used the same fridge for 40 years, whereas their parents had to replace it three times in just 20 years.

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