12 Surprising Factors That Are Keeping You Broke


It’s a story all too familiar to many of us,

You work hard, live within your means, and yet still struggle to make progress on building wealth.

Unfortunately, the reality is that this “Broke Status” can feel like it has an unshakable hold on your finances.

But why does it persist? To answer that question, we need to delve into the factors to understand how financial roadblocks can be effectively overcome.

In this article, I will explain 12 reasons people stay stuck in their financial situation and offer insight into what to do going forward!

#1. Save Money Later

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One of the biggest reasons people never build wealth is the false belief that they can save money later.

Right now, money might be tight, so they tell themselves that they will start saving in six months.

The problem is they keep kicking the can down the road and end up never starting.

#2. Used Cars Aren’t Worth It

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For some reason, broke people think buying a used car will cost them more in the long run.

This is usually because a major repair at one point costs them a lot of money, so they are afraid to buy used.

But a certified used car will save you thousands of dollars and rarely have major repairs.

And truth be told, even new cars can and do have major repairs as they get older.

So in the end, the new cars are costing more money, not used.

#3. Family Needs The Best

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We all want nothing but the best for our families, but the reality is we can’t always give it to them.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices.

Unfortunately, broke people don’t believe this and refuse to buy anything but the best.

This ends with them going into debt, which pushes them further behind financially.

#4. Never Will Be Good With Money

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Broke people naturally aren’t good with money.

As a result, they think they will never have the financial skills to get ahead.

But many people with horrible money skills learn the basics and change their futures.

Broke people need to change this poor mindset and start thinking about the possibilities.

#5. I Earned This

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It’s great to treat yourself to nice things, but if you constantly tell yourself that you earned something to justify your spending, you will never be wealthy.

While you can use this thinking once in a while, you can’t rely on it day to day.

#6. Credit Score Is Important

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Here is the truth: your credit score is only critical if you need to take out a loan.

Sure, employers and auto insurance companies look at it, too, but you don’t need to base your life around getting a great credit score.

Some people try to “game” the system by thinking they need an auto loan, a mortgage, credit cards, and so on to prove they are creditworthy.

The truth is, you don’t need all these types of credit.

You simply need to pay your bills in full and on time.

Doing this in time will give you a good credit score.

#7. Higher Pay Means More Money In Taxes

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We all dislike taxes.

I can’t think of one person that enjoys paying them.

But the idea that you can’t work more because Uncle Sam will take more in taxes is foolish.

Yes, your tax bill will be higher, but you will earn much more money.

Remember, taxes are only a percent of your income, so it’s not like every dollar you make above a certain amount has 100% of it going to taxes.

If that were the case, no one would want a high salary.

#8. Don’t Need Insurance

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Along the same idea, no one likes paying for insurance.

You pay a significant monthly premium, and then it feels like nothing is covered 100%, so you have to pay more.

But the truth is, a lot is covered.

And without insurance, you could be in financial ruin if something happens.

This is why shopping around for insurance is vital to ensure you are paying the lowest amount for the best service.

#9. Keeping Up With Others

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Another financial sin is trying to keep up with others.

Too many people broke and not-so-broke, try to do this, and it costs them.

In reality, many people who appear to have it all struggle financially.

We are influenced by what they show us in person and on social media, but we don’t see the whole picture.

#10. Too Old To Start Improving Finances

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It doesn’t matter if you are 35 or 65; improving your finances is never too late.

The sooner you start, the better, but this shouldn’t stop you from starting.

After all, even if you are 65, getting out of debt and building some savings is better than the track you are currently on.

#11. Short Term Thinking

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Many broke folks succumb to short-term thinking.

They have a hard time seeing the big picture down the road, so they make poor financial mistakes.

For example, you might focus on your monthly car payment instead of the total cost, which will cost you thousands.

Or, if you buy a rental house, you might focus on the monthly income and overlook that someone else is paying your mortgage, and you are building equity that way.

Work hard to start looking long-term, and your finances will improve.

#12. Can’t Look Past The Price Tag

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It’s wise not to overspend.

But some people take this too far and only buy the cheapest items.

Sometimes, this is a wise move, especially for one-time-use items.

But for everything else, it could spell doom.

The reason is that the cheaply made products won’t last, and in time, you spend more replacing them than had you simply bought the more expensive, higher-quality one.

Signs You Grew Up Poor

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