From Rich Man’s Toy to Basic Necessity: 16 Things That Are Just Expected Today


From the comfort of heated homes, to the reliability of having access to clean water and ample food supply, things we take for granted today were once seen as luxuries or even impossibilities.

It’s time to take a look at 16 advancements in technology, medicine, infrastructure, and more that have made something unimaginable into an everyday expectation. 

From home electronics to renewable energy sources, these developments have enriched our lives immeasurably while allowing us great convenience. 

Now let’s get into a fascinating look back at how far humankind has come!

#1. Fancy Pooch to Furry Best Friend

dog walking
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Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and used as pets since at least the 19th century. 

Though associated with wealth, today they are considered an integral part of families worldwide, providing companionship, entertainment, protection and more.

#2. Bicycles

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Today, bicycles are one of the most widely used modes of transportation with over a billion people around the world depending on them for everyday use.

Going from luxurious pastime to essential tool, the modern bike has changed how we get around, and even how we stay healthy.

#3. High-Speed Internet

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Remember the days of dial-up internet? 

We can thank modern technology for allowing us to access information at lightning speed. 

Now, most people take high-speed internet access for granted as a part of day-to-day life. 

Utilizing broadband connections, we can download music and movies in seconds, shop for necessities online with ease, check emails on the go, and stay connected with friends around the globe. 

From surfing the web to streaming our favorite shows without interruption, high-speed internet is a necessity that most of us couldn’t do without! 

#4. Vacations

Woman traveling
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Were vacations as big back in the day?

Not really.

Emphasis on travel is more of a modern thing, especially as technology has caught up to offer a wide range of benefits like discount travel sites that allow us to go to our favorite places for much cheaper.

One should also consider that transportation has become much more reliable in recent years, making it easier to get to places we might not otherwise have considered.

Overall, vacations are much more common for people today.

#5. Casinos/Gambling

Woman gambling
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Casinos have grown quite popular, and gambling specifically has always been around.

That said, it’s not the same degree we see today.

Whereas people would often have to travel to gamble or to try to scour their area for somewhere they could bet their hard-earned cash, gambling is much more accessible today.

From sports betting to online poker and everything in between, you don’t need to look far to be able to gamble.

The digital age has made gambling a popular pastime for many.

#6. Cable TV

simple ways to watch tv without cable

Believe it or not, cable TV was once a novelty.

It was also extremely limited in entertainment, boasting only a few channels without all the bells and whistles that we have today (like being able to record your show).

But while cable TV wasn’t in every household back then, almost everyone has it now.

It’s quite common and more than affordable for most people who need entertainment.

#7. School Options

bus driver
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Modern parents have a host of schooling options that they can take advantage of.

Whether they want to homeschool or send their kids to a charter, public, or private school, they have plenty of choices.

But was this always the case?

Definitely not.

Parents only used to be able to send their kids to public school, and that was the only option they had.

#8. Going Out to Eat

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Home-cooked meals were the staple of the family unit, especially during times of war.

But as modern conveniences and fast food establishments began to work their way into American life, it started happening that families would venture out to get their food and then come back home and eat it.

More importantly, various sit-down dining establishments started opening for those who wanted to treat themselves to a nice dinner.

After all, why not go out and get food instead of cooking it at home?

It’s far more convenient and often quite affordable, which is why it has grown in popularity today.

#9. Central Air

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It used to be that, in the summer, you would have to break out the fans, open the windows, and fill up the kiddie pool or go down to the local pool to cool off.

Then came the advent of central air.

Like many other modern inventions, central air in homes wasn’t the norm.

However, installation began in most new homes around the 60s, especially in places where high temperatures reigned.

Now, everyone benefits from cool air at the click of a button.

#10. Higher Education

University graduate indian race woman wearing academic regalia and red diploma isolated.
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Higher education is often promoted as the only path to today’s youth, but that wasn’t always the case.

Going to college was only a choice for a select few, while others found a job and worked their way up in the company.

But given that everything requires you to have a degree (even entry-level jobs that don’t require any use of higher education), college is something that nearly everyone attends.

#11. Second Car

Man in car
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A second car was unheard of in years past, especially given that these were also times when only one person needed to bring in income.

Nowadays, finding multiple cars in a household wouldn’t be a surprise, especially if they both need transportation to get to work.

Of course, it’s also important to consider where people live.

Suburbs used to be where you only needed one car, but walkability and cities designed around it (as well as public transportation) have become scarcer.

As such, second cars have become quite common and a necessity for many.

#12. Video Games

Photo Credit: AlexGul via Deposit Photos.

If you were around for the advent of video games, you might fondly look back on games like Pong.

But video games weren’t that prominent for a while, especially as arcades opened up and video game consoles were still big and limited in their range of cartridges.

Now, gaming culture has grown substantially.

Whether it’s PC gaming, console gaming, or even VR gaming, video games have come a long way.

#13. Flying

Photo Credit: belchonock via Deposit Photos.

Speaking of transportation and travel, flying is another thing that has since taken off.

Flying was a novelty when it was first introduced.

Not only were the safety standards completely different, but the experience was also different.

Air travel used to be slower than other forms of travel, and planes seemed less stable and desirable to be in than they are now.

As flying became more glamorous, we started to rely more and more on planes to get to where we needed to go.

There are some challenges that the aviation industry faces today, but planes are very unlikely to go anywhere in the modern age.

#14. Big House

Photo Credit: AntonMatyukha via Deposit Photos.

Bigger homes weren’t the norm, nor were they needed previously.

Now, big houses are often what people are looking for.

The more square footage a house has, the more potential it has for many prospective homeowners.

It offers more space inside and outside, allowing people to grow into the home rather than outgrow it.

The tiny home trend is still there, but it doesn’t beat out the desire or growth of big homes tailored to modern homeowners.

#15. Cell Phones

Image Credit: Canva.

Once only owned by the elite, cell phones are now necessities in our lives. 

Whether it’s keeping in contact with loved ones, setting reminders, or just passing the time, cell phones are essential for almost every adult and teen alike. 

Cell phones can allow you to stay connected with friends, family, and coworkers; share your life through photos and videos; shop online or order food from anywhere; find directions on the go; book tickets for events quickly and conveniently. 

#16. TVs

old tvs
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TVs took a while to enter households.

Before TVs, there was radio.

When TVs did enter the picture, they were relatively small or very large, and color TVs wouldn’t begin to make their way into every household until this form of entertainment picked up.

Almost everyone has a TV as they’re very affordable, and consumers have a wide range of media to enjoy.

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