We’re Not So Different After All! 17 Things Boomers and Gen Zers Are United On


It’s often said that the younger generations don’t understand their elders and vice versa, but maybe we have more in common than we think.

Believe it or not, bridging the generation gap between boomers and Gen Z can be a little easier than one might imagine.

There are many shared elements of values, beliefs and attitudes which suggest that these generations aren’t so different after all.

Here we’ll explore 17 things that boomer parents will find they have in common with their Gen Z children; proving perhaps that despite surface-level differences our core values typically align!

#1. When The Going Gets Tough

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Always remember, no one is perfect. We are all on a journey to become the best version of ourselves. 

Embrace personal growth and strive for continuous improvement. 

Every step you take towards self-improvement is a step closer to achieving your goals and becoming the person you aspire to be. 

So, keep pushing forward and never stop seeking opportunities for growth and development.

#2. Hard Work Pays Off

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Gen Zers, take the initiative and strive for excellence in everything you do.

Put in extra effort to master a skill or develop knowledge in an area of interest. 

Hard work can open up countless opportunities and make success possible.

Remember, hard work always pays off eventually; it’s just a matter of time!

#3. Get Off Your Phone When You’re Crossing the Street

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People who don’t look where they’re walking are a major liability, especially when crossing the street.

It’s easy to become completely absorbed in whatever is going on on your phone, but it can quickly become a hazard for you and for any drivers who might happen to hit you or swerve to miss you.

The takeaway?

Make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings and look at what’s going on in front of you rather than what’s going on on social media or whatever else is occupying your time.

#4. Headlights on Cars These Days Are Much Brighter

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Many drivers have noticed that headlights on cars have gotten significantly brighter in recent years.

This poses a major hazard when driving at night, preventing you from seeing the road.

Dear automakers, make your headlights less bright.

#5. Don’t Be Disruptive in Public

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For some reason, more and more people have lost their ability to understand what’s right and wrong to do in public.

This can range from mildly annoying (talking on speakerphone, listening to music loudly, etc.) to extremely problematic (doing pranks and videos in public, yelling at strangers, etc.).

Public decency has practically disappeared, and baby boomers, millennials, Gen X, and even Gen Z wish everyone would collectively be less disruptive in public.

#6. Features in Cars Should Have Buttons

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A lot of modern conveniences revolve around screens.

This might be fine with a smart appliance, but not when driving a car.

No one wants to scroll through three pages and take their eyes off the road to turn on the AC or listen to the radio.

Bring buttons and dials back!

#7. Some Things Should Be Able to Just Plug in

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Bluetooth products are convenient because you don’t have to deal with bulky wires if you want to do something like listen to music.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t downsides.

They take time to charge, cost far more than wired options, and are inconvenient if you ever encounter any tech trouble.

Some people want to be able to plug things in, and they’re annoyed that so many electronics are phasing plug-in points out, so you have to buy Bluetooth.

#8. TV Is Too Dark and Too Quiet

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There are a lot of TV shows these days that are physically dark.

This would be fine, except that nearly all TVs are incapable of showing what’s going on in the scene.

Worse still, the volume is always way off, resulting in people having to turn their volume way up, which only makes things worse when the volume changes again, and sound starts blasting out of the speakers. 

#9. We Shouldn’t Have to Create an Account to Buy Things

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Speaking of buying things, have you ever had to create an account to finalize a purchase?

Sure, there are websites where you can create an account to earn rewards and track purchases more easily.

However, some require you to make a website even to be able to look at products, let alone buy them.

You shouldn’t have to create an account in-store or online to follow through on a basic purchase.

#10. Music in Bars and Shops Is Way Too Loud

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Loud music is suited for very few places like concerts or clubs.

No one wants to hear loud music when they’re out at bars or shops.

Unfortunately, this happens far more than we would like it to.

Music in bars and stores is often way too loud, making it challenging to hear orders or talk with your friends.

#11. Fast Fashion Is Terrible

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Fast fashion is one of the worst things to come out of consumerism.

It’s built on exploitation, horrible for the environment, and costs you more over the long term because all of your clothes continuously wear out faster than they should.

No one wants poorly made clothes they have to consistently clean out and throw away!

#12. Switching to a Subscription Model for Everything Is Terrible

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Boomers and younger generations are annoyed by this world’s subscription model.

From the lack of homeownership that results in renting to streaming services you need to buy to watch any TV show you like, everything is paid in installments that never actually end.

Let people buy things they want when they want them so they can own them instead of paying monthly to access them.

#13. Everything Is Cheaply Made These Days

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Clothing isn’t the only thing that’s cheaply made.

Companies can’t continue to make money if you aren’t coming back for products, and they can only do that if their things are designed to break.

Everything from coffee machines to furniture is poorly made unless you spend the big bucks to get products that are either vintage or designed by brands that heavily emphasize craftsmanship.

#14. Not Everything Needs to Connect to the Internet

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Internet connectivity is a must if you’re trying to get on the internet.

The problem?

Almost everything requires a Wi-Fi connection these days.

From single-player games to appliances like washers and dryers or refrigerators, too many things require an internet connection when they shouldn’t.

#15. We Shouldn’t Have to Download an App to See a Menu

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There are a lot of restaurants and other places of business that no longer have their information available on paper.

Instead, they’ll ask you to download an application to see the information you want.

Whether that’s menu information, store hours, or other things, no one wants to jump through all those extra hoops to learn basic things.

Most people will just walk away if some place requires you to download an app.

#16. Always Recording Everything

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Boomers understand the value of living in the moment and how important it is to engage with life without always being preoccupied with getting it all on camera or worrying about what other people will think.

Instead, Boomers advise Gen Z to enjoy experiences for what they are, a simple pleasure without any need for validation from internet strangers.

#17. Family Dinners

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Boomers know the importance of gathering around the dining room table and having conversations that can’t take place through a smartphone.

They understand how these meals unite people, strengthen relationships, and create lasting memories.

It is important for Gen Z to recognize this so that they can stay connected with their family members in meaningful ways.

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