Redefining Reality: 20 Fun Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


We often define reality as something we can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell.

However, have you ever considered that reality may not be what it seems?

Sometimes, what we consider to be true might actually be false, and the unthinkable might be possible.

In this article, we’ll explore ten fun facts that will challenge you to redefine your perception of reality.

From the truth about the color of a flamingo to the amazing ability of bees to understand the concept of zero, hold on tight because these facts will blow your mind.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

#1. Disney and Explosives

disney world
Photo Credit: VIAVAL via Deposit Photos.

If you’ve ever been to any of the major Disney theme parks, you’ve likely seen some spectacular fireworks displays, whether just something small for a show or even a grander display for a major event.

But did you know that, besides the U.S. Army, Disney is the largest buyer and importer of explosives here in the U.S.?

That’s a lot of firepower they use in their shows!

#2. Yellowstone Likely Won’t Erupt Anytime Soon

Photo Credit: f11photo via Deposit Photos.

Many of us are naturally concerned and interested in potential disasters.

For example, people have said California will experience “the big one” for decades.

But another common belief is that the super volcano at Yellowstone could erupt at any moment.

The reality? It’s extremely unlikely that this event will occur in our lifetime.

Experts estimate that the likelihood of it happening within the next 100,000 years is very low.

It shows you that not all widespread facts and beliefs are necessarily true!

#3. Trees Remained Undisturbed in the Past

Photo Credit: jaapbleijenberg via Deposit Photos.

Most of us have seen a dying tree. Most of us have also seen fungi eating away at said tree.

But did you know there was a time when fungi could not rot wood?

This resulted in massive pileups of trees and plant matter that were not breaking down.

The higher oxygen content during this time would spark massive fires of this material.

These conditions also led to petrified wood, slowly covered with mud.

Today, we can rest easy knowing that mushrooms are here to eliminate dead plant matter.

#4. Fitting Frisbee Memorial

Photo Credit: Ksuksann via Deposit Photos.

We remember our loved ones in a wide variety of ways.

Some people choose to host a more traditional funeral.

Others may have a small memorial service and have their loved one cremated and put in an urn so that they can always keep them close.

Still, some unique methods come up now and again.

One excellent illustration of this fact is the man who invented the Frisbee.

He ended up becoming so tied to his creation that after he was cremated, he was turned into a Frisbee himself!

#5. The Rapid Development of Weapons

Photo Credit: vlad_star via Deposit Photos.

It took humanity approximately four times longer to use steel for swords instead of copper than it took us to develop the nuclear bomb and switch over to that.

The progression of weaponry and technology took decades to advance substantially in recent years.

Those who were merely using a copper sword (or even a more developed steel sword) in the past would be astonished by the types of weapons that they have today.

#6. The Voyager Mission

space mission
Photo Credit: cookelma via Deposit Photos.

Celestial events range from common to relatively uncommon, with some happening hundreds or thousands of years apart.

Some of the events here on Earth center around these occurrences.

Take, for example, the Voyager 2 Mission.

When the Voyager 2 Mission was proposed to Nixon, the only time it was possible to take the path the Voyager 2 took was 176 years prior, back when Jefferson was in office.

#7. Sizing Down the Milky Way

milky way
Photo Credit: Alexmit via Deposit Photos.

Speaking of space, learning how massive the observable universe is can truly be mind-blowing.

Let’s imagine that you shrunk the sun down to the size of a white blood cell.

That’s very small. Now, let’s consider what that would look like in comparison to the size of the Milky Way.

At this scale, the Milky Way would still be the size of the continental United States. That’s massive!

#8. Lighters and Matches

box of matches
Photo Credit: bulatova via Deposit Photos.

We tend to think of technology in terms of progression.

We first had sticks, then we had bows and arrows, and today we have guns.

It only makes sense that we continue advancing rather than going backward.

But this isn’t the case for everything.

Did you know that we invented the lighter before we invented the match?

Both of them have their uses, so it’s good that someone decided to make the match a thing rather than just sticking with the lighter. 

#9. Slipping and Falling Are Common

Man showering at gym
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The human body is an extremely fragile thing.

We see all kinds of action movies that depict how much the human body can take, but it doesn’t take that much to put us out of commission.

As it stands, dozens of people every day in the U.S. slip and fall in the shower and never get back up after they hit their heads on something on the way down.

Always be careful about your movements and aware of what’s going on around you no matter what you’re doing. You never know if that move might be your last.

#10. Betty White and Slice Bread

Photo Credit: VadimVasenin via Deposit Photos.

Are you a fan of historical facts?

Look no further than two of your favorite creations!

Most people know the comedian Betty White and how old she was before passing.

But Betty White had the honor of saying she was older than sliced bread.

White was born way back in 1922. Sliced bread was introduced in 1928.

Even more strange is that people called sliced bread the best thing to happen since wrapped bread!

#11. Violet Jessop Survived More Than Just the Titanic

Photo Credit: homeworks255 via Deposit Photos.

Most people know about the sinking of the Titanic.

One stewardess there who managed to survive the wreck was Violet Jessop.

But this wouldn’t be the only event she would survive throughout her lifetime.

The Titanic had two sister ships called the Olympic and the Brittanic.

The Olympic, which she was also on, ran into a warship while it was leaving the harbor.

Unlike the Titanic, it was able to make it back in time before it put anyone’s life in danger.

Unfortunately, those on the Brittanic weren’t so lucky.

Many of the lifeboats were too close to the rear as it sank, sucking the lifeboats in toward the propeller.

Jessop managed to leap to safety and only sustained a minor head injury. She went on to work on ships for another 30 years and passed away at 71.

#12. Vending Machines Are Killer

vending machine
Photo Credit: Syda_Productions via Deposit Photos.

There are a lot of irrational fears that we have as a species.

Take, for example, being eaten by a shark.

Even though it does happen (we have a whole week dedicated to it), the reality is that shark attacks are exceedingly rare.

One fun fact about shark attacks is that vending machines have fatally hurt more people than shark attacks have.

It turns out that you should be more wary about getting a snack than becoming shark food.

#13. The Concept of Time Can Be Easily Broken

clock and calendar
Photo Credit: belchonock via Deposit Photos.

No one wants to think about time that deeply, especially as it passes and we get older.

However, some fun facts can remind us it indeed does pass.

Take, for example, the fact that we are currently closer to the year 2040 than the year 1994.

Even though it might seem like 1994 was just yesterday, the reality is that we’re only 17 years away from a very futuristic-sounding date.

#14. Anne Frank and Martin Luther King

civil rights mural
Photo Credit: mcullenlewis via Deposit Photos.

History can be confusing, especially because most of us are taught many events in a relatively short period.

We’re also taught about history in such a way that it may not be linear, but we may instead look back at it based on different movements in the past.

Many of us learned about World War II and the Civil Rights Movement.

But did you know that two crucial figures, Anne Frank and Martin Luther King, were both born in the same year?

Even if we think about some people being in a completely different time, many people are fairly close in age than we may initially believe.

#15. Pineapples Take Forever to Grow

Photo Credit: shalamov via Deposit Photos.

Gardening is an extremely popular hobby.

After all, maintenance is relatively low, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor if you have a successful crop.

While it may not be on everyone’s list, some might grow pineapple.

But don’t think you’ll be able to enjoy it in the same year.

One fun fact about pineapple is that it takes two years to grow, so you won’t see any results for a while. 

#16. Plenty of Space in Space

Photo Credit: clearviewstock via Deposit Photos.

We’re relatively small compared to other planets in our solar system.

Gas giants like Jupiter are planets into which we could easily fit multiples of our planet.

But while these planets are bigger, they may not be as massive as we believe.

For example, if we fit all other planets in between the Earth and the Moon, did you know there would still be some space left afterward? That’s unbelievable!

#17. Supernovas

Photo Credit: Juric.P via Deposit Photos.

Time is all a matter of perspective.

One mind-blowing fact is that there’s a supernova at least every 50 years in the Milky Way alone.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait five decades to see one.

In reality, we can see one every 30 seconds in the observable universe.

The sheer size of our universe compared to the galaxy we share with neighboring planets and star systems can be insane.

Don’t put that telescope away just yet if you’ve been on the hunt for a supernova. Just look a bit further!

#18. The Titanic Took a While to Sink

titanic sinking
Photo Credit: DenisSmile via Deposit Photos.

The Titanic was a massive ship, and this size is why it took so long for it to sink.

In fact, it took a whole 2 hours and 4 minutes for it to be fully submerged in the water.

So, what gives? Why wasn’t everyone able to make it off of the ship?

Apparently, people didn’t believe the Titanic was sinking until at least an hour passed.

Even so, they believed they were safer on the ship than on the lifeboats accompanying it.

This has led to the many deaths we associate with the tragedy today.

#19. Neutron Stars

neutron star
Photo Credit: Juric.P via Deposit Photos.

Here is a real “let that sink in” fact about neutron stars.

Neutron stars have powerful gravity.

This means that even the smallest, lightest object here on Earth would do some real damage if we had the same gravity on our planet.

For example, dropping a marshmallow into a neuron star would have the same impact as dropping a 3-megaton nuclear warhead here on our planet.

That’s a lot of damage for something we could easily drop on the floor without thinking twice about it.

#20. The Seemingly Safe Sites Aren’t the Best

Man with laptop
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Many of us know that we have to be safe when browsing the internet.

But the least safe spaces aren’t the ones you might believe.

For example, many people are careful when browsing adult material because they believe they’ll get a virus.

But it turns out that church sites are much less safe.

That’s because these sites are often run by volunteers with little idea of defending the site and visitors rather than sites with professional staff.

Always be careful when browsing the web, even if you feel safe!

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