Savings Beyond Coupons: Unveiling 24 Lesser-Known Techniques for Cutting Costs


Do you relentlessly clip coupons and look for the best buys but want to cut your shopping costs even more? 

Did you know there are some lesser-known techniques that will help you save money every time you shop?

In this post, we will skip the usual coupon tips and share 24 lesser-known ways to save money while you shop.

These are some cool tips that will help you spend your money more wisely without sacrificing quality or quantity. 

Whether you’re a pro at coupon clipping and looking for new ideas or just starting your thrifty journey, there’s something here for everyone.

We discovered these cost-cutting techniques by researching expert tips, using personal stories, and seeking out some insider secrets that people often overlook.

This list is full of creative yet practical ways to make your shopping trips more budget-friendly. These tips have worked for us, and we hope they will work for you, too!

#1. Shop Discount Stores

Aldi supermarket store
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Shopping at your local grocery store or a big box store might be convenient, but it doesn’t always save you money. 

Check out discount stores like Aldi or Dollar General for lower prices than traditional grocery stores to save on groceries and everyday essentials.

#2. Shop Post Holiday Deals

Sweet holiday Christmas gifts with sweets in grocery
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After a holiday is an excellent time to shop for great deals on party supplies, candy, and even holiday-themed groceries. 

Since stores buy in bulk for the holiday season, they usually have a surplus of items left over that they are trying to get rid of. 

#3. Know Brand Trends

Happy Woman Looking at the Red Tag of a Shirt
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If you like a particular brand, watch the trends for label changes or new products that may make your favorite be discounted. 

Also, if your favorite brand introduces a new product, it may offer special introductory pricing to encourage shoppers to try it.

#4. Share the Savings

Shoppers Buying Fresh Fruit And Vegetables In Sustainable
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Buying bulk is a great way to save money on poultry, meat, and pantry staples. 

You can split the cost with friends or family members and then split the items between everyone or join a bulk buyers club.

#5. Use Rewards Programs

Cash back and Rewards
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There are several ways to use rewards when shopping.

Many stores provide rewards programs with discounts, or you can opt for a credit card offering cash-back rewards and apps offering incentives.

#6. Plan Ahead

Meal Plan Concept
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If you want to save money on groceries, the first step is to plan your meals for the week. 

Then, create a shopping list with only the items you need and only buy what’s on the list.

#7. Make Your Own 

Homemade Keto Chicken Meal Prep with Veggies in a Container
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Prepackaged meals and snacks can be convenient, but they are also more expensive.

You can make your own versions of most prepackaged foods that are just as good or even better.

#8. Go Meatless

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Meat is usually the most expensive item on a grocery bill; cutting back on it can save you a lot of money.

Try having at least one meatless meal per week and opt for plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, or tofu instead.

#9. Avoid Pre-Sliced

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If you buy pre-cut or pre-shredded items, you have probably noticed how much more expensive they are than their whole counterparts.

You can save money by buying whole cheese blocks, whole vegetables, and a whole chicken or roast that you can cut at home.

#10. Compare Unit Prices

using mobile phone app while buying groceries
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Just because something comes in a giant bulk size doesn’t always mean it’s the cheapest option.

Be sure to compare unit prices between different sizes by looking at the cost per oz that some stores will list on the price tag, or take your calculator to the store to do the math yourself.

#11. Shop Sales

reads an advertising paper from Norma Supermarket in France
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Local grocery stores usually have weekly sales on certain items, and they send out flyers or post them in-store.

Occasionally, they offer sales like buy one, get one free, or buy one, get one at a reduced price, which can save you money, so stock up on these sales.

#12. Choose Your Shopping Day

Budgeting Concept - Green calculator and money on calendar
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Did you know that choosing the right day to do your grocery shopping can also save you money?

Some stores may offer discounts on a particular day of the week where they offer discounted prices on produce.

#13. Price Match

At the Supermarket: Handsome Man Uses Smartphone
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Some stores offer a price match guarantee, where they will match the advertised prices of their competitors. 

This can be a great way to save money at several different stores if there is a limit on the number of items you can purchase for the discounted price.

#14. Buy Discount Gift Cards

Male hand giving Gift Card
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Some retailers sell discount gift cards you can purchase online and use when shopping. 

This can save you a significant amount of money, especially if you buy gift cards for stores you frequently shop at.

#15. Buy Off Season

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Buying seasonal items can often be more expensive during the peak season, so shop for them during the off-season. 

This can include items like holiday decorations, summer clothing, and winter gear you may not need at the moment, but planning ahead and buying them during the off-season can save a lot of money in the long run.

#16. Go Local 

Friendly woman tending an organic vegetable stall at a farmers market
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Not only is the produce fresher and of higher quality at farmers’ markets compared to what you find in supermarkets, but you can also save money.

You can often negotiate prices with the farmers, which leads to even more savings. 

#17. Use Senior or Student Discounts

Senior woman at supermarket
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If you are a senior citizen or a student, take advantage of any discounts that are available to you.

Many stores and restaurants offer discounts for these groups on certain days of the week or all the time, so always ask before purchasing.

#18. Shop Early

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Stores tend to restock their produce early in the morning, and you can get the first pick of the best items. 

This means less waste from overripe or damaged fruit.

Additionally, some stores offer discounts on produce close to its expiration date, so choosing to shop early can also help you take advantage of these deals.

#19. Use Rebate Apps

Ibotta app logo on a smartphone screen
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After shopping, you can save more money by scanning your receipt and redeeming cash-back rebates using apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, or SavingStar.

These apps offer rebates on specific products or categories, such as groceries or household items.

#20. Become a Member

Membership Card
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Purchasing a membership to a bulk or wholesale store, such as Costco or Sam’s Club, is a way to save money, buy in bulk, and reduce store visits.

These stores often offer larger quantities at lower prices, so if you have the storage space, it can be a cost-effective way to shop.

#21. Use the Small Carts

woman shopping
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You might not think using a different grocery cart can save you money, but it can. 

Next time you shop, consider this tip: Choose a smaller cart instead of a large one. 

You’ll notice how the limited space may lead you to buy less.

#22. Buy Misfits 

Fresh harvested misfit vegetables
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Many stores now offer “misfits” or imperfect produce at a discounted price because imperfect fruit doesn’t sell as well as perfect fruit.

These fruits and vegetables may not look perfect, but they are the same quality and taste just as delicious.

#23. Buy More Staples

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Planning a meal around pantry staples such as beans or pasta can save you money since you don’t have to buy meat or other expensive ingredients.

Beans, rice, pasta, and canned vegetables are some pantry staples that are not only cheap but also great in many different recipes.

#24. Buy Seasonal Produce

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Buying produce that is in season is not only cheaper, but it also tastes better.

Produce that is not in season has to be shipped from far away, which adds to the cost, which is, of course, passed on to the consumer.

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