Secrets to Bliss: 14 Thrifty Ways That Money Brings Happiness


It’s a myth that money can’t buy happiness. 

The truth is, it absolutely can! 

Money allows us to pursue the things that make us satisfied and fulfilled, whether those are experiences like travel or simply being able to purchase items we love. 

In fact, studies have found that people who have their basic needs met, such as access to food and shelter, don’t see an increase in quality of life from more money past a certain point; however, for many of us, this means finding ways to get closer and closer to existing luxuries with as little money spent as possible. 

This post will explore 14 creative ways you can use your financial resources towards greater bliss without breaking the bank while still treating yourself!

1. Home Computers

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Many people may balk at spending thousands of dollars on a home computer, but investing in a quality device with multiple uses can be a wise investment, insists one responder from the online board.

A solid computer can support activities such as work, gaming, and other hobbies and interests.

2. Accountants

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Taxpayers using anything besides the simple form to file their income tax returns may discover it’s worth hiring an accountant to handle the filing process.

A contributor to the discussion writes, “It’s paid for itself many times over, and it’s very nice not to stress about it.” The sense of relief alone is worth the cost.

3. Therapy Massager

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Regardless if you exercise or not, you know the pain of having a muscle strain.

Having a personal therapy massager can be a game changer.

Just spending a few minutes multiple times a day brings instant relief as well as promotes healing, so you recover faster.

4. Headphones

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Suppose you enjoy listening to music or podcasts on your mobile device without disturbing anyone around you.

In that case, a decent set of headphones is a must. One person on the forum loves their $150 wireless headphones, demonstrating you can buy an excellent product without breaking the bank.

5. Motivational Water Bottle

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Water bottles used to be a boring thing, but not any more.

Now they have goals on them to get you to drink an entire bottle or two every day.

This is a great thing because too many people don’t realize the positive impact of being well hydrated has on them.

6. Books

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Books and the knowledge within them always stay in style and have value beyond money.

And buying used or borrowing from the library can cut your costs even more.

7. Anything Separating You From the Ground

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Several users on the thread praise the wisdom of spending a little extra money on office chairs, mattresses, shoes, and car tires.

Going on the cheap with these products may save you a little bit of money now but end up costing you more down the road through replacement costs. There’s also the comfort factor to consider as well.

8. Kitchenware

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You don’t have to be a professional cook to appreciate the value and benefits of good quality kitchenware like pots, pans, and kitchen knives.

Higher-end kitchenware products are more durable and easier to handle. They make a huge difference for amateur and professional cooks alike.

9. Professional Movers

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Anyone who’s moved from one place to another knows firsthand how much time and work is involved.

Numerous commenters enthusiastically endorse hiring a reputable moving company. They cite how hiring someone to assist with the move reduces the stress of the process, making it well worth the money.

Someone on the site remembers growing up in a lower-income family that didn’t have much to spare, but when they asked their parents for books, they always got them.

10. Pillows

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Pillows may seem minor, but considering how much time you sleep, the quality of the pillows used matters a lot.

Cheaper ones don’t provide the same head and neck support and endurance as higher-quality pillows. You can’t put a price tag on having a better night’s sleep. Upping your pillow game is a small investment with significant returns.

11. Batteries

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Batteries are costly, so buying them from a dollar store is tempting. However, they may not be a good idea as dollar store batteries usually have shorter lives and are more likely to leak.

Using cheaper batteries in smoke or carbon monoxide detectors may cause them to malfunction. It’s better to err on the side of caution and buy the more reliable name-brand batteries.

12. New Cars

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Buying a new car means monthly loan payments and higher insurance premiums, but they were fair tradeoffs for some people.

Instead of constantly feeling anxious that their used vehicles wouldn’t start or break down, they had peace of mind in driving a dependable new car.

13. Comedy Show

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Laughter is the best pick-me-up, so why not see a comedy show?

While tickets to some popular comics can be pricey, seeing smaller acts in your area is much cheaper.

Alternatively, load up a comedy special on any streaming platform.

It’s guaranteed to boost your mood.

14. Inviting Friends Over

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It’s always a good time to go out with friends, but the expense can quickly add up.

Instead of thinking you can’t go out, decide to stay in!

Have your friends over and make it a pot luck where everyone brings one dish.

You will save money and get the joy of spending time with friends.

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