Shaving on a Shoestring: 15 Genius Hacks for Ultra-Affordable and Skin-Friendly Grooming


Getting a smooth, close shave doesn’t have to come at the expense of your bank account.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your shaving regimen for both quality and cost-effectiveness or just trying to make ends meet during tight financial times, we’ve got the perfect solution. 

Our top 15 genius hacks for ultra-affordable and skin-friendly grooming! 

Commerce with confidence, knowing that these tips can help you get an impeccable finish, without emptying your wallet. 

It’s time to find out how trimming your budget can be as easy as shaving off unwanted facial hair.

#1. Look For Store Brand Razors

disposable razors
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Some people need high-quality razors built for them because they have sensitive skin.

After all, the last thing you want to do is to compromise and buy a safety razor that doesn’t provide you with the quality shave you need.

For those who don’t need specialized products and can use almost any razor without experiencing negative side effects, a better way to save money is to look for store-brand razors.

Store brand razors are known for not being expensive like their more well-known counterparts, and many of these are disposable razors that come in massive packs to ensure that you have enough to make it through the month.

If you’re not put off by the idea of buying generic razors, this can be a great way to help you cut down your current safety razor budget.

#2. Join Dollar Shave Club

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When you’re first shopping for a new razor blade to help you save money, you might focus only on a brand name or generic razors.

However, there are services designed to tackle the issue of expensive razors.

One such company is Dollar Shave Club.

With Dollar Shave Club, you can sign up for razor subscriptions that only cost you a few dollars each month, ensuring that you get all the razor blades and other tools you need without paying as much.

They also offer a wide range of other products you might need, such as shaving cream, moisturizer, face wash, and more.

And this isn’t the only shave club out there.

Many more have come about as there is a large market.

If you’re tired of dealing with the same old prices of razor blades and you’re looking for how to save money on razors, the chances are that this could be a great option.

#3. Stop Thinking More Is Better

razor with multiple blades
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Going from a single blade to multiple blades has revolutionized the shaving industry.

But the change from two-blades to five-blade razors isn’t that significant in terms of a closer shave.

While more blades will allow you to shave faster, that is the only benefit.

The drawback of additional blades, of course, is money.

So if you are interested in saving money, the easiest solution is to stick with razors with two blades.

#4. Look At Unit Price

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One of the best tips that most people overlook is the unit price of blades, especially disposable ones.

The unit price is the actual cost of each razor and will give you a better idea of the price difference.

You might be shocked that the travel pack sizes cost more money than the razors with a higher upfront price.

#5. Don’t Forget About Shaving Products

shaving accessories
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While this article focuses on ways to save money buying blades, you can lower the overall cost of shaving by paying attention to the other products you use.

For example, instead of paying for shaving cream, you could buy shave soap or use a hair conditioner.

Another clever trick is regularly shopping at dollar stores for creams, brushes, and oils.

Buying private-label products will help you to save money.

You might get lucky and find discounted razors there too.

#6. Stop Shaving And Grow A Beard Instead

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Are you tired of razor prices and shaving?

The cheapest way to shave is to stop shaving completely.

Beards are in, and it doesn’t take much to make sure that your beard comes in looking good and is properly maintained.

There are plenty of affordable beard kits out there that you can take advantage of to get the high-quality look you’re going for at a lower price.

It might be a major difference from a clean-shaven face, but it can help you save money. 

#7. Reuse Your Blades

man shaving neck
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Don’t make the mistake of tossing your razor after every use.

If you follow the above tip for caring for it, you can make your razor last longer, saving you more money in the long run.

I shave twice a week and usually can reuse the same blade for two months.

If you can go a few weeks between shaves or alternate between using a blade and an electric trimmer, you can save.

In addition to keeping it clean, consider putting some coconut oil, baby oil, or mineral oil on it to protect it.

#8. Opt For Double Edge Safety Razor

safety razor
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To save a lot of money, consider using a safety razor.

The upfront cost is around $25, but in the future, you only need to replace the steel blade, which you can get for less than $0.25.

You won’t get a close shave as you would with a razor with multiple blades, but using these double-edge blades will reduce your costs.

And if you have sensitive skin, a single blade will reduce irritation.

#9. Save Money With Coupons

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If you insist on buying name-brand razors over disposable razors, make it a point to look for coupons in the Sunday papers and even in the fliers in your mail.

Most large companies offer coupons regularly.

You can even jump online and print out some digital coupons to save as well.

Finally, check out the mobile app of your favorite retailer.

Oftentimes you can find digital coupons you can apply to your purchases as well.

#4. Buy Men’s Razors

pink tax razor
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If you are looking for a razor as a woman, don’t buy one marketed toward women.

The reason is the pink tax.

The pink tax is gender-based price discrimination and is evident with many women’s products, including razor blades.

The next time you visit the store, look at comparable razors, and you will see different prices for the same features.

The only significant difference is the cheaper one is black for men, and the more expensive one is pink for women.

#10. Properly Care For Your Razors

razor care
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As with any self-care tool in our arsenal, it’s vital to your razors and your wallet that you’re actively doing what you can to keep them in stellar condition.

Let’s imagine that you use some pretty high-end razor blades in your shaving routine.

However, you often leave your razors wet, filled with gunk and hair, and don’t try to sharpen them every so often to keep them in working condition.

All of these things can be an issue for today’s razor blades. Why?

Leaving your razors wet after you’ve used them can cause the blades to dull, and hair, dirt, and cream can also cause the same problems for your razor.

Always keep your razors clean and dry if you want them to last longer.

You can use a towel, rubbing alcohol, or even blow dry it.

If you’re looking for ways to keep them lasting longer even after cleaning and drying them, you can always try sharpening them on blue jeans.

Run your razor over the jeans in the opposite direction you shave.

Another option is a razor pit.

A razor pit is a pad that cleans and sharpens your blade, helping it last longer.

Finally, make it a point to use a hot towel or run hot water over your face before you shave.

The hot water will open your pores and soften your whiskers, making shaving easier.

#11. Consider Alternatives to Shaving With Traditional Razor Blades

vintage straight razor
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In today’s world, there’s no shortage of ways to ensure that your facial hair is properly maintained.

There is a wide range of new technologies and tried, and true tools that people used in the past and still use today.

Speaking to the latter, you can always ditch the razor blades and use a straight razor instead.

This one will require a lot of maintenance to ensure that you’re prepping yourself as best you can and practice providing you don’t cut yourself throughout the process.

However, once you get the hang of things and don’t find yourself dealing with any adverse side effects such as razor burn or other problems, this might be a much better way to get the job done.

Unlike safety razor blades, which may not last long, straight razors will last you anywhere from three to six months.

Of course, you don’t even have to rely solely on razors to ensure you’re getting a clean shave.

Investing in an electric shaver is a better way to meet your shaving needs.

Electric shavers often use rotating or oscillating blades to cut off facial hair without the same types of blades that you would see in a traditional razor.

This feature comes with many benefits.

Unlike traditional razors, you can rely on your electric shaver to get the job done for years without ever having to replace the parts. 

Additionally, they’re easy to use, rechargeable, and often feature a wide variety of accessories to tackle other areas of your face such as the nose, the sideburns, or even your beard.

#12. Buy Razors Online

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You might often find the best deals on razors when you shop online and use coupon websites to get the job done.

Whether there’s a special set on sale, a much larger package so that you can buy in bulk or even special deals for holidays, there are many opportunities to lower shaving costs.

For example, around the holidays, you might find a shaving kit with a razor blade, shaving cream, and a shaving brush.

No matter what brand of razor you use, look up various retailers that offer them or go directly to the manufacturer’s website.

With a bit of digging, you’re sure to find some fantastic brands you rely on to get the perfect shave every time.

#13. Skip The Upgrades

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To get you to keep buying new razors, shaving companies come out with all sorts of options.

For example, you can get a blade with a conditioning strip or even buy scented razors.

All of these upgrades cost extra money, and in reality, you don’t need any of them.

Don’t let the advertisers trick you into thinking you need a fancy feature when it has little to no impact on your shave.

#14. Shop Warehouse Stores

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Another overlooked way to save is to shop at warehouse stores.

Here you can buy larger packs of razor blades from big brands for a discount.

I’ve found that I can get a bulk package for less than anywhere else.

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