Survey Says These Are the 14 Most Attractive Jobs For Women, According to Men


We often hear that times are changing and gender-based stereotypes no longer apply, but the truth is that men still have a certain idea about what constitutes an attractive job for women. 

While some jobs may be seen as socially acceptable choices for female employees, others don’t necessarily fit into the traditional ‘desirable’ femininity ideal. 

So, it begs the question: what do men actually think of when they see a woman applying for a particular job? 

Discover which industries top the list; you might be surprised by what some men find attractive.

#1. Librarian

Woman wearing glass
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This one might sound like a cliché but it’s true. 

Men are drawn to the idea of an intelligent, organized woman running her own library and keeping everything in order.

Plus, librarians often come off as warm and nurturing, two qualities that men find very attractive!

#2. Mechanic

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Women who can make their own cars run smoother are incredibly attractive in the eyes of many men.

Mechanics often need to be good with problem-solving and have a keen eye for detail, two traits that go a long way when it comes to impressing the opposite sex.

Plus, being able to work on cars is a skill men admire and it’s something they’d love to have in a partner.

#3. Waitress

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Many guys find waitresses sexy because it’s a job that requires social interaction and charisma.

Women who work as waitresses are often confident and outgoing, making them attractive to men.

And let’s face it, there’s no shortage of guys out there who find these qualities absolutely irresistible.

#4. Lawyer

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Many guys tend to perceive a lawyer as a sexy profession for women.

It may be that a woman in this role represents power and authority, qualities generally seen as attractive.

Whatever the reason, the idea of a woman who can hold her own in a courtroom or negotiate a tough deal is undoubtedly alluring to some men.

Add to that the typical stereotype of a lawyer being well-dressed, articulate, and driven, and it’s no wonder that people have this perception of female lawyers as being particularly seductive.

#5. Hairdresser

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For many guys, the idea of a woman who can easily style, cut, and color hair is simply irresistible.

Maybe it’s the confidence and creativity that a great hairstylist brings to the table or how she can make someone feel instantly more attractive with a few scissors snips.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that hairdressing is a sexy job for women in the eyes of many men.

#6. Accountant

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There’s something about a woman who can handle numbers that guys find alluring.

Maybe it’s the idea of having a financially savvy partner or the allure of a job that requires high intelligence and critical thinking skills.

Whatever the reason, the accountant profession can be seen as a turn-on for many guys.

Watching a woman handle complex equations or budgeting with ease can be an impressive feat.

Plus, there’s the bonus of knowing that your significant other can help manage your finances, which can be a major stress reliever for any relationship.

#7. Receptionist

woman hanging up phone at work
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For some reason, guys seem to think that being a receptionist is a sexy job for women.

Perhaps it’s the idea of a beautiful woman greeting them and making them feel important as soon as they walk through the door.

Or maybe it’s the thought of her answering phones and organizing schedules, showcasing her intelligence and efficiency.

Regardless of the reasoning, one thing is sure: receptionists have certainly caught the attention of many men.

#8. Dancer

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Dancing has always been a form of art and expression that has captured the attention of many.

It requires discipline, grace, and a strong physical and emotional connection to the body.

Therefore, it is no surprise that men find female dancers irresistible.

The way she moves with confidence and grace is simply breathtaking, leaving many men in awe of her beauty and power.

A dancer’s physique is also a strong factor in why guys think it’s a sexy job.

Being physically fit is aesthetically pleasing and shows dedication to one’s craft.

With alluring stage costumes and performance makeup, every part of her performance, a dancer puts on a show that captivates the audience.

#9. Secretary

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For many men, the idea of a secretary as a sexy job for women can be traced back to old Hollywood films.

The image of a beautiful, poised woman typing away diligently at her desk while her male boss looks on with admiration is a trope that has perpetuated for decades.

This fantasy is further perpetuated by media representations of secretaries as seductive and manipulative in shows like Mad Men.

#10. Doctor

Caring doctor teaches female patient to use mobile healthcare app. Retired lady sitting in hospital exam room looking at cell screen learning to download health tracker for senior citizens. Copy space
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It’s no secret that professions such as doctors are considered attractive and desirable for dating.

But for women, especially, being a doctor seems to elevate their “sexy” factor among men.

Could the idea of a powerful and intelligent woman who can save lives ignite a spark in men’s minds?

Or maybe there’s just something inherently alluring about a woman in a white coat.

Regardless of the reason, the fact remains that many guys out there are drawn to women who possess the qualities of a doctor: compassion, intelligence, and an unwavering dedication to their work.

#11. Nursing

Photo Credit: michaeljung via Deposit Photos.

It’s no secret that men find certain professions sexy on women, and one of those occupations is nursing.

So what is it about this particular job that makes it so alluring?

For starters, nursing requires a level of compassion, intelligence, and dedication, often seen as attractive qualities in a mate.

Additionally, the stereotype of a nurse as a nurturing and caring figure, combined with the uniforms that often show off curves and accentuate femininity, may also play a role in why guys find this profession appealing.

#12. Middle School Teacher

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Middle school teachers are often admired for their ability to educate and inspire the next generation.

For guys, however, there may be an additional allure to this profession.

Perhaps it’s the idea of a confident and intelligent woman standing in front of a classroom, commanding attention and respect.

Or maybe it’s the nurturing qualities that many associate with a teacher, envisioning a caring and compassionate partner.

#13. Photographer

Woman using Professional Camera
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Being a photographer is often considered a sexy job for women by men.

This is because photography requires an artistic eye and a sense of creativity that many men find alluring.

Additionally, photographers are often confident and independent, which are both qualities that many men find attractive in a partner.

#14. Nanny

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

According to men, a woman who works as a nanny is both nurturing and attractive.

As a caregiver, nannies are responsible for the growth and well-being of children, which can make them appear more maternal and endearing.

Additionally, the close bond formed with a family can create a sense of intimacy that is intriguing to many men.

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