Living Large: 14 Crazy Things Everyday People Would Buy if They Won Big


Ever dreamed about what you’d do with your millions if you won the lottery? 

Would you pay off student loans and head off to enjoy life in the sun or would you go on a shopping spree like no other, buying things that most of us could only imagine owning? 

While winning the lottery might have been out of reach for some of us, there are plenty of everyday people living large after hitting it big. 

From exotic vacations to fixing their teeth, some folks aren’t afraid to let their winnings loose! 

So get ready, here are 14 things that everyday people would buy if they found themselves holding a big fat check from lucky gambling wins.

#1. Ultimate Game Room

father and daughter in vr headsets playing video games on couch at home
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Hey gamers, this one’s for you!

Imagine having your very own dream gaming room, decked out with the latest state-of-the-art gaming systems, high-resolution displays, immersive surround sound, and all the top-notch gaming accessories you could possibly imagine. 

With just a few thousand bucks, you can create a true gaming paradise where you can unleash your gaming skills and immerse yourself in epic adventures like never before. Get ready to level up your gaming experience to the absolute next level!

#2. Classic Cars

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If you love classic cars, then this is the perfect opportunity to invest in your dream ride.

Whether it’s a vintage Corvette or a classic Ford Mustang, there are plenty of affordable options out there that won’t break the bank. 

Why not splurge on something special and indulge in the nostalgia of owning a timeless piece of automotive history?

#3. Donate It

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Another popular answer was donating money.

Many people said that $5 billion was more than they needed, so they would keep enough to be financially independent and then donate the rest to popular causes to help others.

#4. Retire

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Does it surprise you that most people said they would quit working?

It shouldn’t.

After all, when being interviewed on the news when buying a lottery ticket, most people usually respond with “I’m quitting” when asked what they will do if they win.

It’s safe to say that with $5 billion, you can retire early and not have to worry about working again.

#5. Build Homeless Shelters

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Many people realize there is a homeless crisis in the country, and little is being done about it.

As a result, many people said they would use the money to build homeless shelters in hopes of finally solving the problem.

#6. Eggs, Lawyers, Student Loans, and Universal Healthcare

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Some of the answers revolve around the current economic climate we are in.

One person said they would finally be able to afford eggs. As it currently stands, they cannot afford the item because of inflation and the bird flu’s impact on egg prices.

Another person said they would use the money to pay off their student loans.

Many others agreed, with some going as far as wanting to pay off others’ debt as well.

As one person said, “Pay off my student loans then use the leftover to buy a large combo meal at the fanciest Wendy’s in town!”

Finally, another person talked about using the money to buy votes so politicians would finally pass universal healthcare.

#7. Do Nothing For Now

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Surprisingly, many people said they would do nothing with the money. At least for now.

This is a smart answer because going on a spending spree would be so easy.

Before you know it, you blew through much of your money.

Doing nothing, at least for a few days, allows you to think about what you really want and the best ways to use the money.

#8. Become A Supervillain

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A final vote that I’m hoping is more humor than reality is to become a supervillain like Dr. Evil.

I guess some people enjoy the idea of causing havoc, though my belief is they are simply saying this, and if they came into enough money, they wouldn’t follow through.

#9. Start an Animal Sanctuary

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Helping animals should not come as a surprise since so many people have pets.

Many people commented that they would spend money on buying hundreds of acres and creating animal sanctuaries worldwide.

#10. Help Out Family and Friends

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Helping out friends and family financially was also a popular answer.

Many people said they would pay off the debt of their friends and family members.

Some even said they would buy homes for these people as well.

#11. Buy Land

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Land is a great investment.

We cannot create more of it, and there will always be a demand.

As a result, some people are interested in buying lots of land.

It is unclear if the goal is to flip it and earn a return on it, develop it, or use it for some other endeavor.

#12. Build an Off Grid Fortress

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With $5 billion, one person said they would build a fortress.

But not any fortress. One that was 100% off the grid could survive the apocalypse.

I don’t know if they were wearing a tin foil hat when typing their response or not.

#13. Build Low Cost Housing

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One popular answer was to build a lot of low cost, sustainable housing for young people.

Seeing as how home ownership feels out of reach for many, this option serves the masses by allowing them to take the next step in their financial journey.

#14. Invest It

woman holding cash

Surprisingly many would people choose to invest the money, to help build a family legacy that lasts multiple generations.

Another reason for investing was to ensure they would never struggle with money again.

Essentially, investing was a way to overcome the urge to spend it all.

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