Why These People Decided to Quit Their Job on Day One and Never Look Back


Have you ever started a job and on the very first day, realized it was going to be a nightmare?

You might have wanted to walk out or tell your boss ‘no thanks’, but the majority of us don’t have the courage to do so.

However, some people do.

Here are 10 stories of new employees who couldn’t get from nine to five on day one. 

1. Horrible Bosses

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Nothing deadens your mood more than turning up to a new job only to discover your boss is a Karen or a Kevin, but that must be better than this poor guy’s tale.

Arriving on his first day as a landscape gardener, his supervisor told him to dig a hole in some rocky ground. The catch? He had to use his hands as there were no tools. 

2. Coin-Operated Microwaves

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Yes, this is apparently a thing in some places. One poor candidate got to the staff room on their debut only to discover that even using the microwave wasn’t free. Really?

What’s next, Venmo for the restroom? Naturally, the coin-operated microwave story was met with derision. 

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3. Creepy Bosses

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In one anecdote, a nasty individual thought it just fine to guide a new waitress by the skirt anytime he wanted her to do something.

Nothing will lose an employee quicker than being a creep, a schmuck, or a scumbag — this guy sounds like all three.

4. Break Time Hawks

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Did you know some businesses still discourage taking a break? One user even posted how Dairy Queen advised new workers on their opening day not to take their breaks.

This is unlawful; in any case, they jumped ship to Wendy’s, where they were encouraged to take their legal rest. 

5. A War Zone

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Fast food workers contributed to this debate in droves, which is hardly astonishing considering how many videos circulated showing fights, robberies, and screaming Karens.

Countless first-day trainees attested that they were warned about being shot and not acting the hero in a robbery. No thanks. 

6. Off-the-Books Payment

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On several occasions, users reported crooked managers who employed them illegally, insisting on the first day they pay in cash and under the table.

Other than being prohibited, this can endanger workers in the event of a serious accident due to insurance reasons. 

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7. Understaffing Issues

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There is a reason many businesses have high staff turnover — they are understaffed.

We must realize that running a business these days is an expensive, stressful experience for the owners, but taking new staff for granted and not giving them the necessary support is a no-no.  

8. Tip Scrooges

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Other than it being highly illegal, taking a cut from your employees’ tip jar is such a low move.

One girl said how after securing a $4.50 per hour carhop job, her manager told her tips must be shared among other drivers’ tips, which seemed normal. The boss took a 20% cut at the end of the evening. Bye, Felicia! 

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9. Unreasonable Demands

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Some bosses lull you into a false sense of security, then once you are in, they turn the screws and push you to the edge.

Meanwhile, others waste no time introducing you to their Draconian policies and outlandish expectations. How about forcing you to buy a pair of the company’s designer shoes on your first day to prove loyalty? 

10. Bad Vibes

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Have you ever had that feeling that your boss is just untrustworthy? A real estate worker discovered on her first day that her boss skimmed her commission on a sale.

The amount? A measly hundred bucks. However, this sent a clear signal, and the realtor knew she could no longer trust someone who would be so sneaky. 

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